If your home has a hardwood floor, frequent cleaning is required. The best thing with hardwood floors is that they are easy to clean and always rank highly compared to carpets when it comes to this. This said, the floors have their own share of challenges when it comes to cleaning especially for pet owners. However, with the best shark vacuum cleaners and other top rated devices it is possible to clean the floors easily and efficiently. We picked five of the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood in 2017 to help you make your selection with ease. Here are the best 5 this year: –

Best Five Vacuums for Hardwood Floors 2017

Miele Classic C1

If your floor is largely made from hardwood, then Miele’s Classic C1 will be a great pick. The cleaner has an ingenious design features and guarantees superior quality. Some of the features many users have pointed out as being worth a look include the integrated air filtration and an adjustable suction. It also has a powerful and adaptive motor which runs at between 300 and 1200 watts in addition to many other advantageous features.

Shark Lift-Away Professional (NV370)

This is one of the best shark vacuum cleaners and boosts of some very impressive user reviews. The Navigator comes with a premium brush roll and a separate brush head which works great when cleaning hardwood floors. The Lift-Away 370 is a duo cleaner as it can be used on carpets with impressive results. it has an amazing maneuverability and beater brush head which works great on rugs and carpets.

Shark Rocket

This is an excellent cleaner from Euro-Pros and comes with DuoClean (HV382) which works superbly on hardwood floors, stairs, lush pile carpets and other areas above the floor. You can use this cleaner to deal with fine clingy dust, small particles as well as chunks of dirt. Shark Rocket has a spinning brushroll which works wonders in removing small particles from carpets and hardwood.

Miele Titan

An amazing cleaner for different types of surfaces, the Miele Titan undoubtedly ranks highly in the list of the best devices. The cleaner is a combination of both technology and build quality which makes it not only efficient but also durable. It has two floor heads with the powered ElectroComfort brush being ideal for cleaning thick carpets while the Parquet 3-floor brush works for hardwood floors. You can perfectly clean with Miele Titan without damaging your hardwoods.

Bissell PowerEdge 81L2T m

If you are looking for an economical and quick solution for cleaning hardwood floors, then this will perfectly fit the bill. It is a great cleaner for vacuuming low pile carpets and area rugs as well. Some of the features you’ll find amazing with the Bissell PowerEdge include Shivel Vacuum Head which is V-shaped thus helping funnel debris to the central section of cleaner. It is also easy to maneuver when cleaning difficult areas especially around the furniture. Its suction is powerful and the dirt cup is easy to empty.

These are the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood in 2017 based on user reviews and the features they offer as well.