Best Fabrics For Comfortable and Durable Clothing and Workwear

It can be hard to find clothing that is both durable and comfortable. Often, hard-wearing fabrics can be stiff, while soft fabrics often seem not as durable. However, this is not always the case and nowadays it is possible to buy clothing that is both comfortable and durable. Read on to discover more about the best fabrics.

Paying attention to fabrics is essential if you want to buy the best quality clothing that is both comfortable and long-lasting. Cheaper clothing stores can still stock good quality fabrics, while higher-priced stores can stock poor quality fabrics. By knowing the difference, you can find the bargains and avoid costly mistakes.


For high-quality clothing and workwear, you should try to look for natural materials. For warm knitwear, consider angora, cashmere and lambswool. Even a small amount of angora or cashmere in a blended fabric can make an item feel and look 100% better. Merino wool can also be a great choice, as this is a smooth wool and very comfy to wear.


Pure cotton is usually a good look but it depends on the weave. A woven cotton has threads that cross each other both vertically and horizontally, which helps keep its shape. In contrast, knitted cotton can lose its shape and cling to the body in an unflattering way. Cotton fabric can be bought online, from stockists such as, and made into high-quality clothing.


Linen looks great when it is newly ironed but anything 100% linen quickly creases, so try to get a blend of linen and cotton or linen and rayon. Linen is 100% natural, so this is also a good choice for ethical shoppers. Some people even consider more exotic fibres from plants such as bamboo in an effort to be more ethical.


Avoid polyester as it usually looks and feels cheap. It also doesn’t breathe, so it can make you feel hot, while the fibres trap air and sweat. Polyester blends can be fine, such as blended with cotton, rayon, wool or viscose, but the fabric can bobble more quickly.


Viscose is a pleasant fabric as it breathes like cotton, but it has a sheen to the material. This is a good blend of fibres and can drape flatteringly over the body, while being floaty and airy.

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