Best Décor Ideas For Kid’s Room

Best Décor Ideas For Kid’s Room

Decorating a kid’s room is perhaps the hardest of all the rooms in any house, especially if you are on a low budget as you will not be able to get everything for your little angel. Also, it is hard to design a room that will be great for all the coming years, and unfortunately you will have to redecorate and redesign often; but there are a few things that you can do and they will stay in the room and will be usable no matter how old your kid is.

Furthermore, because this is a kid room, you have to think along the lines of what would a kid enjoy most, and not what would a parent want most. It is important to consider the fact that there will be a lot of moving around and a lot of coloring on not just walls but on furniture as well. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of falling too.

Make a Wall Become More

Kids just love to draw, and if they do not have paper at hand they will merely go for the walls. Because buying easels can be costly make a one-time investment and pain a wall area into a full-blown chalkboard which is easily erasable and your kid will be able to draw without having to worry about a parent freaking out. It is the best of both worlds, your kid will love the chance to draw on walls without getting into trouble, and you will be able to easily clean it up without having to repaint the whole room every so often.

Making DIY Storage

It is important to teach kids that they should always put away their toys and they should have special storage for it, but instead of buying expensive and often unnecessary storage boxes is to create your own storage box out of old diaper boxes or even shipping boxes. This is a great project that your kid will most definitely enjoy; just cover the boxes in brown paper so that your kid can draw and scribble what they feel will mark the boxes best.

However, you can have a more sophisticated look by adding fabric and creating wild and crazy designs which will make putting their stuff away also a fun little game when they use their custom made storage boxes.

Padding the Floor

Your kids will want to jump and bump and fall down a lot, and if you have hard flooring you will need to somehow pad the room. By adding kids floor rug or carpet you can not only add warmth and charm to the room, but you can actually pad the room in a way to make it more soundproof, so that you will not be bothered when kids are playing. Moreover, a softer carpet will be good for cushioning falls and acting as kids play mat. And if you are on a low budget, you can buy smaller pieces of rugs which will define where the play area is, so that your kids will stay put.

Choose a Theme

Let your kid guide you in order to choose the best theme for their room so that you can work together and really bringing the design together. It is important to focus on colors which will accent the theme and that you do not overuse a single shade of a color. Make the shelves and drawers work for the theme as well; also you can easily install shelves which do not cost much and are safe for kids.

Beyond a Kid’s Room

It is important to think ahead and to design the room in a way that will be able to support your growing kid’s needs in the future. Moreover, by investing small amounts from time to time will make it so that you will not have to pay large sums of money at once and that you can focus on improving certain parts of the room little by little.

Most importantly remember to ask your children about the design and changes as it will them who will spend most of their time there, and if they are unhappy it is time for a re-design.

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