Until a few years back, luxury home buyers in India were pretty much satisfied with just an address they could boast of, and any additional feature that came along with it. However, times are changing dramatically, and with an increasing number of Indians traveling abroad, and getting the hang of what refined living means in other countries, their expectations are going quite a bit beyond the conventional concept of luxury. To elaborate, while the location is still as much important as any time before, HNI homebuyers in present times, expect to indulge in a lifestyle that only a few in the country can afford.

The 3 Levels of Luxury

Compared to the rest of the world, the traditional Indian real estate market may be lagging a little behind in showing the growth that was expected of it, the segment of luxury homes has however outperformed all expectations. Here is a quick look at how luxury living has evolved in three different levels:

  • Super Luxury: India’s richest home buyers are no more willing to compromise on even a single aspect of refined living that money can afford. While previously, they were content with just an address of pride that made others green with envy, today, their demand has gone up to asking for private swimming pools and pool decks, private gymnasiums, Jacuzzi, meditation zones and lounge, green sit-outs and every other high-class amenity one can conceive of. The uncompromising desire to stand above the rest has led to an overwhelming surge in the demand for super-luxurious homes in various parts of India.
  • Affordable Luxury: In a country as massive and diverse as India, it is almost a necessity to offer a broad spectrum of budget-led sub-categories of luxury homes, besides the super-luxurious ones. This is simply because, the Indian real estate market is not solely targeted at the super-rich, but also to people of various income groups.

Affordable luxury is an interesting concept that aims at fulfilling every essential criteria of refined living at a price that’s affordable for many. To elaborate, the affordable luxury homes segment offers almost the same high-end features as the super-luxury homes, such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, clubhouses, jogging tracks, kids’ play area etc., but only in the form of shared amenities. The idea of ‘standing out’ still exists, but the owners of affordable luxury homes are certainly not sharing the same status as the city’s richest and the most influential class owning the super-deluxe addresses.

One of the most interesting aspects of the affordable luxury home segment is that builders of these projects are often the first one to introduce the whole concept of luxury to a group of buyers lacking prior exposure to the same. While super-luxury homes take a pretty long time to be made as well as to be sold, owing to the exorbitant investments and exclusive customizations involved, affordable luxury homes are built much more quickly, thanks to their not-so-exaggerated price and less extravagant facilities.

  • Branded Homes: In India, most reputed real estate developers are accustomed to catering to the mass market. However, with the advent of luxury homes in recent times, they are opting for an easy shortcut to experience – entering into partnership with a global luxury brand. The class, sophistication and brand equity advantage obtained by the association with leading brands can easily impart to any luxury residential project a winning edge. Especially popular among NRIs and PIO HNI investors, with the backing of a well-regarded brand, ‘branded’ luxury homes are believed to yield better returns.

Luxury Homes in Gurgaon

In the last few years, Gurgaon has become one of the prime destinations for luxury home buyers, thanks to a plethora of high end projects being launched by some of the leading builders of the country. With new and exclusive luxury apartments in Gurgaon for sale, the city has almost become synonymous with high living.

While every city has its own address of pride, for Gurgaon it is none other than the iconic Golf Course Road. Golf Course Road, a vibrant stretch of land commencing from the well-known MG Road and connecting with the Southern Peripheral Road, is home to a host of industry chieftains, returning NRIs and Seasoned expatriates. The road proudly flaunts some of the city’s most happening malls and eateries, healthcare centers, residential luxury abodes and Fortune 500 corporate addresses.

If you are looking for luxury apartments in Gurgaon for sale, you should certainly browse through some of the most high-end projects launched by the best builder on Golf Course Road, like Aarohan – offering future ready residences replete with an array of world-class facilities and active lifestyle options along with an abundance of green spaces and calming water features. When it comes to luxury living, builders play a huge role in ensuring that the home buyers get exactly what they are looking for.

So when you decide to part with your money to indulge in all the luxury your home can bring you, do not settle for anything less than the best builder on Golf Course Road or other places in Gurgaon.