Ours is a country that never comes out of the festive spirit. Celebrations here mean something to enjoy madly and cherish forever. The splendour and elegance with which events are celebrated here is something to watch out for. There could be multiple events ranging from birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, different types of pooja, kitty parties, etc. People here take delight or pleasure in different kinds of festivities.

Breathtaking themes, delicious food, eye-catching settings, best-suited entertainment acts, etc. can make our special moments all the more noteworthy. Let’s see how we can make some of the most common events much more remarkable:


Be it your kid’s birthday or someone elder’s, the excitement to make everything perfect will always be there. Looking for a perfect cosy venue and decoration stuff with balloons / cartoon images are a must for a birthday party. Finding out an ideal cake with an image best suited to your kid’s preference is extremely important to make them happy. Ensuring the presence or invitation to everyone on the checklist can also become an arduous task. Well, you can put in all of these efforts for any family member or might be even a dear friend or relative, just to show how much you care for them.

Best and Everlasting Events / Celebrations


There is nothing better to celebrate than Indian marriages or reception parties. Weddings in our country are a month-long affair right from the very beginning phase of shopping, engagement, sangeet, mehendi, haldi, etc. till the seven sacred rounds around the fire. Everything moves on with great pomp and show. But along with it also comes great deal of responsibilities including venue booking, preparation of guest lists, selection of bridal attire, photography, floral decorations, etc. No wedding preparation is complete without the perfect choice of catering services. This serves as one of the most critical factors because delighting everyone’s taste buds is not that easy.


This post marriage affair is a more sophisticated and classy event. Dressed in their best western outfits these days, the groom and the bride turn out in a much more modern manifestation. And accordingly changes the decoration themes, venue requirement, floral patterns, etc. which fits the mood of the occasion perfectly.


It has become very common these days to throw-in anniversary parties, thereby celebrating a couple’s union and years spent together. Selection of a venue, in this case, becomes very important as it needs to host only a limited number of guests, but still needs to carry a stylish appearance.
Upanayan: Mostly practiced in the Hindu Brahmin families, this event necessitates a proper venue set-up including the ritual requirements along with the food provisions for all the invited guests.

Getting tired with all these preparations or not getting enough time to enjoy on your own? So when there is so much to enjoy and celebrate, then why not choose a one-stop solution for all these tasks. Pick out some of the best event organizers in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. and let them make your special days even more beautiful.

Author’s Bio: She is a part-time event manager who is great at coordinating tasks efficiently in the right manner. Her ideas for event management and suitable decorations are much appreciated. She contributes articles and blogs on a freelance basis to the website http://www.pradhanbabu.com.