Among the kitchen appliances, the one that has gained incredible attention is none other than the juicer. It is truly a state-of-art little machine which has diverse and indispensable uses. The purpose of this machine is mainly to squeeze out the juice from the pulp of fruits and vegetable matter. Although the job may sound quite easy and simple, a lot of design and careful detailing goes into the construction of such a device and many more innovative features can be upgraded so as to provide maximum benefit to the user. Since there are a host of products in the markets of different brands, it helps to know some of the important features that form the defining attributes of high-end models. This way one can be assured of making the right choice and keep one’s family healthy and well-fed each day.

Essential Features

  1. Design and layout: For everyday use, machines which are rust and corrosion-resistant are very useful. The apt materials for the construction for such a device should be ideally stainless steel. Aluminum can be used as well with a galvanized coating to add a smooth polish and as an extra layer of protection. Light and small models are preferable as they can be easily transported to different places according to one’s convenience.
  1. More work in less time: Models which are capable of squeezing out more juice in less amount of time are highly desirable as they have greater work efficiency. In fact there are several high-end models currently available in the market of reputable brands that enables faster and visibly larger amount of pulp juice to be extracted in a less amount of time. Also the parts should be easily detachable to facilitate faster cleaning of the filter and also to ensure higher durability. This also increases the overall lifetime of the machine.
  1. Extra fit of fruits and vegetables: Models of reputable companies can accommodate extra high volumes of fruits and vegetables to squeeze them altogether in a single run. This is because they have a large opening. To some extent, this feature may tend to accompany heavy weight products only and their portability factor may be compromised. Nevertheless, such models are easier to work with during events and occasions. With some models, one can even skip slicing the fruits before squeezing out the extract.
  1. Inbuilt cleaning tools: One of the most useful features of this device is a bristled brush for filter cleaning as well as removal of bits and pieces of the raw extract that failed to get processed in the required manner.
  1. Immense power: Most of the high end models come with a powerful motor of about 700-800 watt. This kind of power supply is sufficient to squeeze out the juice from a very high volume of raw vegetable and fruits. Also they come with different speeds to enable the squeezing of both hard and soft vegetables with equal efficiency. Certain models also come with the advantage of quite motors, which are an immense relief from the blaring noise emitted by conventional models.
  1. Safety features: A couple of safety features such as rubber launch pads and safety clamps are required to keep the product parts working in their respective places. This also ensures user safety as once the parts are properly assembled, chances of receiving even minimal injury is almost none.