Best 20+ Study Apps for College Students

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College life is exciting. The freedom, independence, and responsibility all in your court. It doesn’t matter if you are soon to join college or are already there. You feel like you have a million and one things that you would like to do.

Your smartphone will be your friend and when you use it right, a reliable partner. It’s not just about checking on your friends through social media, looking for literature review writer, it can also be an essential asset to help you in your studies. The type of phone you are using, shouldn’t be a problem, below is a list of apps you should consider using:

1. Brainscape

A useful study method by the cognitive science research is the use of flashcards. Create your cards or use the premade one depending on your choice of subject. Work with your peers and track your progress.

2. Google Drive

Store all your relevant documents and materials in the cloud. From diagrams, notes, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. It is your one-stop shop for all office apps, based on the cloud.

3. Office Lens

No need to write down the notes on the whiteboard. Take a picture of it or a document. Convert the image to the format of your choice, say PDF, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word. Save it for later, on your device, or to Onedrive or OneNote.

4. Evernote

Create and organize your notes. Save them as links, videos, pictures, PDFs, voice messages, etc. Sort them into different categories. Find the information you are looking for by typing in the search box.

5. Dropbox

Store and share your notes or coursework with your peers. It stores your files in the cloud, and you can access them using any device with a connection to the internet. Upload your records as a document on lit review help, photos or even videos.


Have you come across a new word? Find its meaning without racking your brain, and just at the palm of your hands. Learn new words daily using the Word of the Day. Find words with similar meaning as the one you use repeatedly.

7. Coursera

Find out more information on your topic of interest. Supplement the available lecture notes with those from top colleges and universities. Study at your own pace without the pressures of a classroom lesson.

8. GoConqr

Create your revision material. Use flashcards, mind maps, slides, flowcharts, notes, and quizzes. Make use of their vast library of resources. Share the resources with your classmates, friends, or other students around the world.

9. Scribd

Look for relevant documents and books to your studies from around the world. Make your library of the texts, notes, or books that you need. Organize the material according to a topic and share with your friends.

10. EasyBib

Having difficulty writing a lit review? Focus on the content and let EasyBib cite your references for you. It has various citation styles, e.g., APA, MLA, and Chicago style.

11. Quizlet

Use the extensive flashcards study sets, created by your peers on a variety of topics. If what you are looking for isn’t there, you can create yours. You can reuse your content in another study app that uses flashcards, as long as it supports Quizlet.

12. BenchPrep

Get personalized study plans, practice questions, lessons, flashcards and utilize their learning analysis tools as you prepare for your big exam. It could be the LSAT (Law School Admission Test), GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or the GRE (General Test).

13. Mathway

Are you having trouble finding a solution to your mathematical problems? Don’t fret! Use this app to find a step to step guide on the answer to your maths assignment.

14. Good Morning Alarm Clock

Track how you sleep and know when you have a sleep deficit. Get to wake up at the optimal time.

15. MyScript Smart Note

Create handwritten notes on your tablet as you study in the dorm or the library. You can even convert your handwriting and replace it with its digital equivalent.

16. Timetable

Keep up with your deadlines and know which lessons you have and at what time. It will mute itself during class, don’t worry about turning its volume down.

17. TED

Enjoy your favorite Ted Talks or listen to illuminating perspectives on life. From educators, business experts, music legends, etc.

18. Instapaper

Save the interesting links you find as you browse. Read the content online or offline. Create notes by highlighting the text and commenting, too.

19. JumpCut

Instant access to the text you copy pasted before, even if you have already copied a new text.

20. DuoLingo

Learn a new language as you study your major.


Numerous useful applications exist to make the life of a college student more comfortable. You can start with the ones listed above.

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