Bennett Kireker on Knowing the Basic Types and Choosing The Best Wine At A Restaurant

Know The Basic Types Of Wines –Choosing The Best Wine At A Restaurant

Wine is made from grapes but they are not the typical table grapes that you consume. The grapes that are chosen for wine are smaller and have seeds. They are sweet and have a thick skin. If you check the world today, you will find there are over 1300 varieties of grape wine in the world however only some of them are planted in select regions of the world.

Bennett Kireker has his own wine tasting club in New York and he says that when it comes to wine, you should know the difference between flavor and taste. Wine is used for drinking and cooking. He says to the beginner the wine will taste the same but to the seasoned wine drinker, he says he or she will note the difference.

When it comes to the taste of wine, the feeling refers to the senses in the mouth that covers the tongue. The aroma of the wine will appeal to the nose and its smell. Flavor is the convergence of both the taste and aroma.

How to choose a good wine at a restaurant?

Now, when you are at a restaurant and given the wine list to choose, you often feel the palpitations in your heart especially if you are with guests. If you are not a seasoned wine drinker or taster, there is no reason for you to panic. Studies by wine experts have revealed that most people choose the cheapest variant of wine at a restaurant. The following are some tips by which you can choose the best wine for your fine dining experience-

  1. Ask the waiter to help – You do not have to feel embarrassed or small when you are choosing wine and not sure on what to order. You can always ask the waiter who is serving your table at the restaurant to help you out. You should ask the waiter about what wine should match with the dish you have ordered. In case, the waiter cannot help, politely ask him or her to direct you to a person who can.
  1. Request for a taste of the wine – In case the bottle is open which is mostly the case when the wine is served in a glass, you can ask the waiter to give you a taste of the wine. He will serve you a small sip in a glass and you can decide on whether you should go in for that wine or not.
  1. Ask for a small serving – In case the waiter says that he cannot give you a small sip of the wine, you can ask for a small serving of the wine in a glass say 125ml. Most restaurants will give you this serving at a cost. It is much cheaper than the standard 175ml serving that you get at restaurants.

Bennett Kireker says that the next time you are at a restaurant and not sure on how to choose the right wine on the menu list, follow the three tips mentioned above- they will surely help you!

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