Today, most highways has four to six lanes. In order to be able to separate the lanes, visible and durable road markings are crucial. In this respect, thermoplastic material can play a vital role in enhancing road safety. Its composition makes it adhere firmly on the tarmac. Hence, it will hold even in harsh weather conditions. The markings are also very reflective making driving at night smooth. It gained its popularity from the advantages that result from its composition. Below are some of the benefits thermoplastics have over regular paint.

  1. Safety

Thermoplastic road markings get highly praised in terms of improving road safety. This type of markings is highly reflective; hence, drivers can easily see them during bad weather or at night.

The markings can also be made into so-called rumble lines, which can be made by layering the material. The driver will then get physical feedback like audible rumbling when they go over the lane. This help keep drivers alert and encourages them to watch their speed when passing a danger spot.

  1. Durability

Thermoplastic material is applied when hot and hardens when allowed to cool. As it sets it adheres firmly to the road surface. Thus, it plays an essential part in creating an effective infrastructure on the road. The long-term durability of the marking also means that it is a cost-effective solution as they require less maintenance and has a low replacement frequency. The flexibility of the material makes it possible to use on many types of surfaces. Addition of glass particles can furthermore add to the retroreflection and skid-resistance.

  1. Multipurpose use

Drivers, pedestrians, and motorists can reap the fruits of using thermoplastic road markings. Its flexibility allows it to be used for a wide range of road marking needs. Road constructors use it for marking bicycle lanes, car parks, bus stop and preferential lanes, for example. They are perfect for use in heavy, dense traffic.

Apart from lines, thermoplastics can be used for road marking signs. The markings act as the visual indicator needed to enhance road safety. For instance, it helps in complementing stop signs. Also, it raises awareness of children crossing in school zones. It is the primary component of signs that assists in guiding traffic. Its high retro-reflectivity makes it a popular choice for many types of road markings.  You could also use it for pavement symbols such as “fire lane” and “no smoking” signs.

  1. Fast-Drying

One of the reasons for the popularity of thermoplastic material is its ability to dry very fast. It would inconvenience drivers to disrupt the flow of traffic for hours or even days. It means that you will be causing a jam and delaying their normal activities. However, with thermoplastic road marking material, the road dries up quickly. Thus, the way can resume regular traffic within a few hours. Hence, you will not have to disrupt the flow of traffic for long.


Thermoplastic provides high-quality markings. It is durable, a money saver and has excellent retroreflective properties. Also, it provides unique safety features such as delineation with a rumbling effect. The above list shows the advantages associated with the use of thermoplastic markings.