Benefits of Starting Your Writing Career as a Side Hustle

You’ve always dreamed of being a writer, while sitting in a coffee shop and letting your creativity fly like writing greats of the past, and having all day to let your ideas flow onto the blank canvas.

So you go down the path that’s wanting to quit your day job for a writing career. While only you know when it’s time to take your writing career to the next level, there are many benefits of starting your writing career as a side hustle, whether you want to pitch an immediate care center in Staten Island, NY client or start writing your first novel.

Take the pressure of instant success off

There are an unlimited amount of reasons why writers and creators put pressure on themselves, from succeeding right away, to making a living off of their craft, to creating everlasting art.

We live in a day and age in which everyone is looked at as an instant success, despite the fact that most people put in work for years before their big break and others start to notice them.

If you start your writing career as a side hustle, then you can take some of the pressure off. After all, you won’t have to worry about everything you write about being a success and giving you the ability to pay your bills and have a financially stable life from your craft. You can simply enjoy the process and work on your craft. Your day job is paying the bills and your writing doesn’t have to … until it does.

It allows you to practice your craft

We tend to take less risks when we’re doing something for a job as opposed to a creative endeavor. That’s not to say we don’t take our writing seriously; it’s just we aren’t afraid to be creative and take a risk with our work.

Starting your writing as a side hustle allows you to practice your craft because you can take more risks since you don’t have to appease publications, style guides, etc. You can let the creative ideas flow and get better at writing until you’re ready to show the rest of the world what you’ve been working on.

You can be picky when it comes to clients or publications

When you start your writing off as a side hustle, you can afford to be picky with clients and publications because you’re not relying on your side hustle to pay the bills. That means you can wait for higher-paying gigs or only write articles for publications that match your voice, niche, values, etc.

Multiple streams of income

This is one of the biggest reasons why people want a side hustle in the first place—they want to supplement their income.

Whether you’re working in commercial truck repair in Springfield, MA or are a teacher in Irvine, CA, you can instantly supplement your income with a side hustle.

Of course, if you quit your day job for writing, then the opposite rings true.

It can help you feel more fulfilled

Writing can help you feel more fulfilled because it’s your passion and taking it up as a side hustle can help you feel like you’re taking it more seriously since you’re pursuing it as a profession.

Writing helps you get your ideas on paper and it can help you process your thoughts. Not to mention, art is said to be good for your brain, and writing falls under that category.

There are many reasons to start your writing career as a side hustle, with the reasons above only being the beginning. Happy writing!

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