Music therapy is an out of the box approach to cure some illnesses. It is used to provide care to patients. Clinical studies have established the positive influence of the music on the physical and mental health of the patients. This is achieved by following the music therapy regimen that is medically approved.  One can always take music lesson online. Music therapy consists of different ways in which music is used to improve their physical, mental and emotional balance. People are asked to sing along with the music at times, listen to the music and meditate or conduct different exercises and movements using the music as a catalyst.

Stimulating the brain through music can be compared to strengthening the heart through cardiovascular exercise. The faster and stronger rhythms of music increase the alertness of mind whereas the soft and soothing music helps people relax and meditate. Music reduces stress and relaxes the body and mind. It is very useful in reducing blood pressure or overcoming depression for example.

Let us look at the various health benefits of music therapy.

Memory Improvement

Specific music therapy helps patients suffering from dementia. It is well known that music evokes memories and past experiences in our minds. Here this quality of music is applied to improve the memory functions of the brain and help improve the memory of the patient whose recollection improves.

Reducing Depression and Anxiety

Music therapy is used to divert the mind from its inertia. While listening to music the person reduces the depressive thinking or there is a reduction in the anxiety level. Music causes the right diversion and infuses positivity in the minds of the patient. They start changing their pattern of thinking and overcome depression and anxiety.

Improvement in Communication

People are made to sing along with the music. Singing requires one to train the mind and voice to coordinate and follow a pattern or logic. This helps them to talk better and more freely. Many people have improved their ability to talk. They can continue to take music lesson online.

Better Socializing

Music is used to change the mental outlook of patients suffering from potentially terminal diseases like cancer. These people go into a shell and suffer from depression due to the illness. Listening to the music uplifts their mood and changes their outlook towards a more positive side. Music therapy is conducted in a group and the people in the group start sharing their experiences with others, this creates a better outlook and human interaction takes away the attention from the disease thus improving their moods.

Improve Coordination of Movements

Many times due to illness patients lose movement coordination. With music therapy, they are required to move rhythmically. With constant practice, the brain and muscular coordination are restored. Brain slowly gains control over the movement of muscles and they are able to achieve normal movements.

Dealing with Pain

A lot of research is underway in treating pain in illnesses like cancer. It has been found to help in case of children suffering from cancer. Music therapy holds a lot of promise and may be used extensively to alleviate pain in the patients in near future.

Emotional Control

Some people find it very difficult to control their emotions and they overreact in any given situation. It becomes hard to control them. Music therapy is used to simulate different emotions in them in a controlled environment. They are then trained to control these emotions. After a while, they are able to control their emotions in real life situations too.

Enhances Fetal Development

It has been found that music directed at the womb during the later stage of pregnancy can cause the child to be more responsive to music in their later life. It is also able to create positive neonatal behavior.


Music therapy though an out of the box approach to curing illnesses, has proved to be beneficial to the patients. A lot of research is underway and hold great promise. Music therapy could potentially be used as extensively as medical treatment in curing the patients as well as caring for them. After the therapy one can continue to take music lessons online with Taylor Robinson Music.