A massage is good for more than relaxation. Massage therapy can be classified as a part of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and its benefits vary depending on the type of massage and your health conditions. Achieve Health here lists some of the benefits of massage in general and of the different types massage.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Can help with stress, anxiety, headaches, and insomnia related to stress

Some studies have shown that massages can help with these mostly non-physical conditions. If you are being treated already for any condition, you should always first check with your doctor to find out if they recommend you get a massage.

A Swedish massage is one gentle type of massage that is designed to be relaxing. Its use of deep circular movements, long strokes, vibrations, and kneading can give you energy.

Can prevent or treat soft tissue injuries or strains and treat sports-related injuries

A few different types of massages exist to help to treat injuries of different kinds. First is the trigger point massage, which can be used after an injury or when a muscle has been overused, in order to treat tight muscle fibres that may have formed. Second, a deep massage can assist with muscle damage after an injury through its use of forceful yet slow strokes that are meant to reach the deep layers of connective and muscle tissue.

A sports massage can also be used, this one similar to the Swedish massage, but specifically designed to help people who play sports to both prevent and treat injuries.

Keep in mind that a massage should never be painful. You may feel some discomfort when the massage therapist goes over a part of your body that is weak or injured, but you should always mention to the therapist if the discomfort becomes painful.

Can help with digestive disorders, myofascial pain syndrome, temporomandibular joint pain, and fibromyalgia

Certain physical conditions can also benefit from massage therapy, whether for relief or treatment. While some research has been completed that suggests that massage therapy can be useful for the above conditions, your doctor will always be your best resource when you want to consider massage therapy as a treatment option.

We hope this has expanded your knowledge of the benefits of massage therapy. Contact Achieve Health if you have any questions about our available Victoria massage therapy services or wish to make an appointment in the Greater Victoria area.