There was a time when many of the businesses avoided the cloud-based solutions at all costs. But, over the time, people began to realize that moving data and applications to a reputable cloud vendor would not trigger any catastrophic events which they once feared. Once, the early adopters of ERP cloud computing shared their experience of working with the cloud, many businesses have started to take notice of the new technology and have also taken it as an option for their businesses. Many of the small to medium-sized business have now opted for ERP hosting.

Benefits Of ERP Cloud Solutions

One of the most common areas where the businesses find themselves exploring the new ideas which are connected to ERP cloud. These options are usually offered to the businesses in a bunch of applications and modules which they can use. These are very powerful and its complexity can be really intimidating.

Here are a few benefits of ERP for your business.

Less required resources

The main benefit of having cloud-based solutions is that you will not have to waste more money for the networking hardware which would be required later on. Since you will be buying a subscription from a vendor, you will not have to buy any new servers for your business. Also, you will not have to hire any people to install, troubleshoot or manage the things which you have received with the ERP solution. All the things are covered in your licensing costs.

Enhanced security

Once upon a time, people used to think that if they store the sensitive the data in the cloud, it would go against the practices of security of the data. Then these people started to see how ERP cloud vendors were able to provide a better and a secure environment in many of the cases. They hire the right people who are able to manage the tools and the appliances which keep the data safe. These people are responsible for testing the vulnerabilities and patching of systems which are having weaknesses.

While you still have to take an effort and make sure that your data is safe, a reputable cloud vendor will act as your partner when it comes to security measures.


One of the best benefits which the people who adopted cloud, in the beginning, realized that it is very easy to scale services to meet the needs of the business. If your business has experienced tremendous growth, you can easily increase the size of the license. This is reverse true as well. If your company is seasonal or has downsized then you have the option of reducing the license size as well. This will make sure that the license always meet your needs.

Greater availability

The nature of the ERP offerings is that you can access the applications from anywhere. This means that you can provide the access to the software for the staff from anywhere. Even if you have a remote office or a workforce, then you can easily have the services which you want. This can be done from home or if you are at a conference in any other part of the world. You just need a stable internet connection and you are good to go.