For ages paintings, sculptures and pottery have the most sought after mediums to decorate and accentuate living spaces. These mediums not only add colors to a living space, but also serve as a wonderful way to include texture and depth. There is no denial to that fact that different forms of paintings and sculptures give people the option of choosing from a wide range. Though, there is so much on offer, people, nowadays, like to keep things minimal, simple and straight. When in come to the decor of their homes, they like to strict to this minimalistic approach. One art form that is perfect for this approach is abstract art.

For those who are wondering, “What is abstract art,” it is a form of visual art that employs different shapes, effects, forms and colors to express intangible, things and ideas. An abstract artwork, be a painting or a sculpture, is independent of any visual references. While famous abstract paintings explore and express impalpable views and emotions, abstract sculptures presents the same philosophy in three-dimensional space, which adds depth to the subject matter.

Many of you must be wondering how something that has no recognizable form can be used to adorn homes and must be asking whether abstract artwork is a viable option to adorn homes? Well, the answer for this is a big yes. Abstract artworks blend perfectly with the contemporary décor of modern day. Abstractart, be it a painting or a sculpture, not only act as a stunning decorative item, but it also act as a focal point and interesting conversation starter. Famous abstract art and paintings are an easy and effective way to decorate your home. It helps you accentuate existing décor and add new dimensions to your home. There used to be a time when art was considered expensive, but not anymore. There are online art galleries that deals in affordable art. From original artworks of emerging artists to re-prints of famous abstract paintings, these galleries have a lot to offer. No matter what your budget is, these galleries provide excellent options for everyone.

Now that we know what is abstract artwork and from where we can buy abstract paintings or sculptures for our home, the next question that arises is how to display these artworks artistically. Read through the article to gain an insight regarding different ways to exhibit art at home.

  1. If you are planning to introduce a new shelf to your room and are confused about styling it, then you should consider creating art vignettes. Arrange some captivating sculptures and framed paintings among books. This will not only break the monotony, but will also add depth to the presentation. The beauty and intensity of artwork increase manifold if they are displayed well. To make the artwork standout, you can consider placing a spotlight.
  2. People like you and I seldom go for a complete renovation. We often look for ways to revamp our existing décor without shelling out substantial amount of money. In such cases, one can consider layering new artworks. People can consider redecorating corners and introduce a bold abstract sculpture. If not a bold sculpture, then they can go for a combination of small sculpture, framed art and maybe some sketches. This will not only add to the height and texture, but also give a fresh feel.
  3. At this point we will reiterate what we had said before and that is – abstract art goes well with contemporary interiors. When it comes to enhancing the beauty of uncluttered modern rooms, abstract wall sculptures work best. You can also consider arranging wall hangings in contrasting colors and textures to add depth to room.
  4. If you have a shoe-string budget and are ready to experiment, we will suggest experimenting with mirrors. Mirrors not add depth and give illusion of space, but they also go well with framed artworks and sculptures.
  5. If you want to impress guests, then let your art collection do the work for you. Place a fascinating sculpture on pedestal at entryway to welcome your guests and make that first impression. Highlight it with green ornamental plants to create a stunning display. Trust us; this will make a lasting impression.

Showing off art is not that difficult. Just keep the basics right; your art collection will take care of the rest.