Betting online is one of the most exhilarating ways to make the already fun pastime of watching sports even better. Even the most mundane of games becomes exciting when having some action on the game through a respected site like sportingbet Australia. There are a number of things to look for in a quality sportsbook from the availability of different bet types to quick payout times and easy deposit methods. Those perks though pale in comparison to two things, a large variety of sports covered and free promotions that get you complimentary bets or double your deposit money. Sportingbet Australia covers both of those areas among the best in the industry.

Up to $200 In Free Bets

One of the most common ways that books like Sportingbet Australia reward their customers is with up to $200 in free bets. These are generally obtained by signing up for the site and making an initial deposit. It’s a good idea to wait and sign up and deposit money until you’ve built a big enough bankroll to get the maximum amount of cash back as books generally only match the amount that you put in. These free bet promotions are a great way to double your money the very instant you sign up for Sportingbet Australia.

20% Quaddie Bonus

One of the most exciting and lucrative bets in the business is picking the winner of four straight horse races, known as a quaddie. Unfortunately these wins are extremely rare to come by and are looked at as a lost cause by a large number of punters. Sportingbet Australia aims to sweeten the pot by offering a promotion that provides more incentive to take the quaddie plunge – they’ll pay out an additional 20% on the successful wager meaning a high-paying sum just got even larger.

Become The Bonus Baby At Sporting Bet Australia

NRL Finals 10 Point Payout

There’s nothing worse than betting on a team in the National Rugby League, having them get out to a huge lead, and then subsequently blowing that lead and costing you money. Sportingbet does what very few of the leading books do and pay out a portion of the bet once that team gets up by 10 points, regardless of whether they win or lose the rest of the way out.

AFL Finals 24 Point Payout

Along the same lines as the NRL 10 point payout, Sportingbet also pays out in the Australian Football League once a team gets up 24 points. If the team has a subsequent meltdown and does end up losing the wager, there’s at least some solace in getting a percentage of your cash back.

NFL Money ¾ Time Money Back

Another neat promotion that Sportingbet provides is if an NFL team is winning after the 3rd quarter only to blow it in the fourth, a portion of the bet is returned. If anything these payouts help alleviate some of the sting of a devastating late game loss.

Protest Payup

The definition of a bad beat is to have your horse or dog be declared the winner of a race only to have that title ripped away in a protest. Sportingbet Australia sides with the wagerer in this case and pays the bet once it goes into protest.