Many of us have always dreamt of owning a beach house in the future. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a stunning view every morning with unlimited access to the ocean? Unfortunately, beach houses also come with a burden. They are continuously exposed to the elements of nature such as strong winds and heavy rainfall.

Indeed, many factors are needed to be considered in building your beach house such as the type of roofing material to be used. The roof is important because it is your main protection from the elements. Below are the types of roofing materials you can use for your home:

  • Slate

If you are planning your beach house to have a design inspired by the French or Colonial era, you would want to go for the slate’s distinct and attractive look. It is guaranteed to have a long lifespan and does not require too much attention in order to preserve its beauty. Unfortunately, slate is quite expensive. A professional is also needed to install it properly.

  • Galvanized steel

If you are working on a tight budget, galvanized steel is available at a much lower price as compared to other roofing materials. It can last for more than 60 years if adequate maintenance and installation is done. It contains a layer of zinc for protection, which makes it resistant to the rain, wind and rusting. Recoating the zinc coating is needed every 20 years or so.

  • Copper

Many owners try to stay away from copper because of its price. However, it is one of the roofing materials that has the highest durability and longevity. They are considered to last for hundreds of years. It is light in weight which produces lower stress for the structure of your home. It tends to get more beautiful as time passes since it produces a distinct greenish shade.

  • Asphalt shingles

They are also known as composition shingles. They don’t provide the same durability as slate or copper, but it can be easily installed and is relatively lower in price.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is growing in popularity over the years because it is highly durable and low-maintenance. It is also practical since it helps reflect light and emit heat which cuts down heating and cooling expenses. It can last for more than 40 years depending on the quality of the material.

Have you chosen which one to use for your beach house? Make sure to consult an expert roofer or a top siding company so you can make an informed decision.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.