In the modern days steel is considered to be an important metal for a number of industrial as well as for domestic uses. There are number of varieties steel also which vary as per the combination of nickel and chromium with carbon. The change in the combination can straightly affect the capacity of the steel in terms of load-bearing and strength. There are a number of industries where Structural steel beams are used. The use of steel beams can help the structure to have better load bearing capacity despite the fluctuation in load to a certain extent.

Types of Beams – Their Durability Quotient

There are various types of structural steel beams are used for a number of purposes in different industries. Basically, there are two types of beam manufactured with two different sets of configurations. These both types of beams are produced having a vertical web at the center of the concerned beam. This sort of beam structure can provide an extraordinary support for bearing the load. One of the beam types is known as junior beam. It is also known as I beam also. This sort of beam has tapered flanges so that can bear the load in a better way. It is also known as S beam. It falls in the category of the standard American beam. The other type of the beam is known as a wide flange steel beam. It is also known by another name W beam or H beam. This sort of beam has non-tapered flanges and hence it is wider than the ‘I’ beam or the ‘S’ beam.

The Uses of Beams are also Segregated into Two Categories:

Be Familiar With Uses & Types Of Structural Steel Beams

  • Use of I beams: These beams are primarily used to support a structure in commercial or residential category and used widely in the field of construction activities. These beams are also used to a large extent as frames as well as columns in trolley ways, hoists and lifts. These beams are also used effectively for platforms as well as mezzanines. One can comfortably see these beams used for trailer and truck framing where the load is the primary point to keep in mind.
  • Use of H Beam: The H beam is also used for a number of construction activities of residential and commercial nature as a strong support. They are widely used for bridge construction and as frames of bridges. They are also used for machine beds as well as platforms and Mezzanines.
  • The beam: As per the nature the beam when it is loaded deflects that can avoid damage as well as distress. The beams which are used in a number of industries must be enough capable to carry the provided load and get bend with the concerned force only. There are a number of structural steel beams available with shapes of various cross-sections. The beams are available in different sizes and they can be available to the best fit size in the open market readily.

The Size and the Strength of Structural Steel Beams differ a Lot:

There are a number of factors that affect the size and strength of the beam and therefore to avoid any accidental situation, it is always better to confirm the quality of the concerned beams with various quality tests by the engineers as well as the architectures so that there are minimum risks when the concerned structural steel beam is used for a specific purpose in building a concrete structure. The industrial structures utilize these beams in such a way that a minute mistake during the application of a proper beam can be proved costlier to the company or to the producer of the concerned items. Hence, it is very important to demonstrate extra care while installing a steel beam. If you would like to see added details for Structural Steel Beams, then please connect with us today.