There was a time when getting a degree was a big deal. As time progressed, more people were open to learning, and there is an increase not just in the number of undergraduate but postgraduates, too. If you have plans to pursue a Ph.D., the chances are that you have done your research and probably have connections with successful Ph.D. students.

It is to be expected that a Ph.D. program is different from an undergraduate one. At the undergraduate level, you are supposed to pass exams and get good grades. On the other hand, Ph.D. involves extensive research in one’s area of interest.

As you write a professional Ph.D. proposal the following are some of the roller coaster emotions that many Ph.D. students face during their programs:

1. Fear

When we are facing the unknown, it is common for one to feel fear. The same applies to Ph.D. students; there are moments when you will fear the future. The question what should you do after your Phd. always lingers in your memory.

There are instances where you will feel like a fraud and fear of being pointed out among your peers will raise fear in you.

2. Doubt

Those moments when you feel like a fraud will also bring you doubt. You may start questioning your decision to pursue a Ph.D. course. I mean, there are many other people out there who don’t bother about it, so why should you?

You may doubt your abilities to complete the program successfully, and comparing yourself with others may bring you more doubt.

3. Frustration

When your supervisor gives you a Ph.D. proposal, to write, you psych yourself to produce the best possible work yet. You dedicate most of your time to the work and submit it for review. However, the supervisor keeps postponing the date for its review.

You tend to become frustrated by matters that are out of your control. Sometimes not knowing what to do next leads to frustration.

4. Anger

After much patience, the supervisor finally reviews your research proposal ideas. You know you gave it your best, but he or she tells you to draft it a new. Well, time is running out, and you can’t seem to understand what may have gone wrong.

The anxiety and frustration may result in anger at anyone and everyone, and most likely to your supervisor.

5. Disappointment

If you are a perfectionist, you should prepare yourself for disappointment at some point during your Phd. You may not present the ideal research, but it is possible to provide an impressive one. Don’t water down the milestones that you overcome.

Celebrate every one of them. It is not about surpassing a goal but achieving it.


Going through a PhD program may not be easy to many. You will have to face your fears, encourage yourself and get support from others. When you feel like a fraud, look back at the achievements you have accomplished. Put on your self-confidence and keep going.

The road to the completion of the program may be tough, but many have braved the storms and made it. Why not you?