Cars are not only just valuable assets but very close to the owner’s heart if he or she has a passion for cars and vehicles. There are various things which concern the owner from time to time about his or her car which includes the maintenance, paint, and repainting of the cars, fuel cost, insurance etc. One of the most important yet less talked about factor about the old cars whose engines are in very good condition but the outer body has scratches and dents is repainting of the cars using spray paint for cars. Repainting using the spray paint is an easy and effective process of making your old car look brand new at a very reasonable price even if you hire the professionals.

Basics Of Spray Paint For Cars You Need To Know

The requirement for spray paint for cars

For spray painting your car, you would need the below-mentioned items and supplies –

  • According to the colour you choose, you have to buy the paint cans and tubes for spray paint.
  • Guns which are used for spraying the paints.
  • Primer
  • Chemical for removing the rust which also comes in the form of a spray
  • Newspaper
  • Sandpaper
  • Mask, goggles, masking tape etc.
  • Wash for your car which one you use in general
  • If you want some adventurous color, you can opt for the fluorescent colors.

Steps of Spray painting your Car

  1. First, you have to prepare your car for applying the spray paint for cars. In the beginning, you have to completely wash the car with car wash or soap that you use to clean the body of the car from outside. Once you have done with cleaning, let it dry as soon as possible.
  2. The next step is to remove the fittings and fixtures from the inside part of the car which is attached.
  3. Find a place where there is a lot of space and it should be open and airy and must have ample light.
  4. Then the major step is to the scrub the whole car body with the sandpaper. This is done to remove the paint which is already there in the body of the car. Sandpaper can also make the places smooth where there are corrosion signs and patches or scratches on the car body. If there are any parts of the car body where there is crack, you can fill the gap with putty.
  5. To protect the car edges from over spraying, use the masking tapes to cover those edges.
  6. The next step is the application of the primer and you have to apply it twice for a better and rick quality of paint on your car. With a gap of ten to fifteen minutes apply two coats of primer.
  7. The last and final step is to spray the car with the paint cans. Apply two coats here as well.

Once the spraying is over, let your car dry completely and then you are good to go with your car which looks like a brand new one.