The nootropic piracetam is used for and affects a variety of brain problems. It’s most commonly used for older people who are suffering from aging symptoms, like memory loss, dementia or stroke recovery. Sometimes, though, Piracetam is used to treat younger people who have seizures or other types of brain disorders.

In medicine, Piracetam is used to control involuntary movements. It’s important to note that Piracetam is also referred to as Nootropil in many countries.

Are there common Piracetam Side Effects?

Yes, there are side effects of Piracetam, but they’re much less than side effects of other similar drugs.

However, Piracetam side effects do exist and the best way to prevent them is to take the medication exactly as directed.

Anybody who takes Piracetam should be fully aware of its side effects and possible risks.

What Are the Side Effects of Piracetam?

Anxiety and Agitation

Anxiety is one of the most common side effects of Piracetam. People may feel nervous, agitated or restless. How much anxiety a person feels has a lot to do with their regular demeanor.

For example, if the person is already nervous on a regular basis, this nervousness may increase when they take Piracetam.

Sometimes, people feel that their anxiety doesn’t ease even after using Piracetam for awhile. If this happens, it’s best to discuss the issue with a doctor so that it doesn’t inhibit quality of life.

Sleep Disturbance or Restlessness Can Occur

Most people who take Piracetam report some type of sleep disturbance. However, patients report a wide range of change. Some people even like their new sleeping pattern as compared to their old one.

While some people say that they get drowsy when taking Piracetam, others claim that they find it hard to sleep at all. People who experience sleeplessness sometimes say that they’re happier during their days and are able to live their life on less sleep. If you get drowsy when taking Piracetam, it’s advised that you don’t try to drive or use machinery.

Weight Gain Is Possible

It’s common that a drug that targets the central nervous system has a side effect of weight gain. While most people gain weight when taking Piracetam, it’s not normally a huge weight gain and it’s completely normal.

If you notice that you gain a lot of weight or that you lose weight when taking Piracetam, it’s best to talk to your doctor.

In order to counteract the normal weight gain, patients are advised to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Why Does Piracetam Cause These Effects?

Piracetam treats the central nervous system, which effects various operations in the body.

Everything from digestion and energy to mood and muscle activity is controlled and affected by the central nervous system.

Piracetam has to directly affect the central nervous system in order to treat brain disorders.

Since the central nervous system is such a huge component of the body, sometimes side effects of the drug occur. Click here to know more.