Hot water is an essential requirement in the United Kingdom. During the winters, temperatures plunge significantly. Nobody likes bathing in a tub full of chilled water. Even though you just have to turn the faucet in order to get hot water, there’s actually a complex mechanism in place behind the scenes. Every house is fitted with a boiler that heats up the water. Common boilers are of three types: gas-operated, electrical and solar-powered. The maintenance costs vary depending upon the type of boiler you own. Like any other appliance, your boiler needs timely maintenance.

Basic Boiler Maintenance Tips

During the summers, most people shut their boilers off. They are turned back on when winters approach. However, you need to get the boiler properly serviced and check it before you turn it back on. Unless you care for it, the boiler is going to break down very soon. You will end up spending a lot of money on repairs. Eventually, you will need to replace the whole boiler. Rather than go through all this hassle, just follow these maintenance tips:


Before you turn on the boiler, take a look at all the gauges and the piping. Inspect the blow-down piping, the controls and all the buttons. Also check the relief valves. Make sure that none of the valves is blocked by foreign objects. If you have a gas-powered boiler, inspect the burner. Use a toothpick to clean out all the holes before you turn on the burner. Look for any foreign objects that might be lying around the burner and remove them. Then, open the interior and take a look. Remove all the tools and rags from the interior. If you are turning on the boiler after a long while, simple inspection can help prevent a lot of damage.

Check the Air Vents

If the air vents are blocked, the boiler won’t be able to work properly. Do you feel that the water isn’t heating up as much as it should? If yes, check the air vents. With the passage of time, dirt and debris tend to settle on the air vents. This could lead to a blockage. If the flues or vents are blocked, air won’t be able to leave the boiler. If the boiler is kept in an open environment, you should inspect the air vents frequently and remove any blockages. Turn off the boiler and use a clean rag in order to remove all dirt from the vents.

Call in the Experts

If the boiler isn’t working properly and you can’t figure out the problem yourself, don’t tinker with it. Many times, you may end up damaging the boiler even further. In some cases, it is best to just call in the experts for a maintenance check. Companies such as offer 24-hour boiler services. Just give them a call and explain your problem to them. A boiler will visit your company and diagnose the problem. Sometimes, it is best to let the experts to their job rather than meddle with such an expensive piece of equipment on your own.