Mice are a furry menace that infest the house and eat everything in sight. Here’s how you can eliminate them from your home.

This has probably happened to you before. You have been sitting peacefully in your home, watching TV when you notice something darting into the corner. You’ve only seen a dark shape from the corner of your eye, and it happened so quickly that you aren’t even sure of what you saw. When you get up to investigate, there’s nothing there!

But you begin to see signs that there is a presence in your house, after all. Food packets left on the kitchen counter have been broken into. Fruits have been nibbled. Water has been drunk. Some kinds of dry food are scattered all over the floor. Even a few items like plastic pipes have been bitten through. Before you freak out, remember that this is not the work of a paranormal presence, but probably a mouse.

Mice, mice everywhere!

Mice can squeeze through the smallest gaps and spaces and enter the house. They normally enter through holes in the wall, or the open living room window, or through a gap in the kitchen window sill. Where there is one mouse, there may be more – they often find new places to hide in groups of two or more. The biggest cue that there is a mouse on the premises is the presence of droppings, which look like tiny black pellets.

Mice feed off everything they find, and they are notorious at biting through electrical wires, wooden boards, plastic containers and even rubber slippers. They eat whatever they can find, and they infect the food and water they come in contact with. They even urinate in the house, leaving behind a foul smell.

It is never pleasant to know that there is a pest in the house, but mice and rats are the worst. They are difficult to catch and kill, and they breed very quickly. Allowing them to settle in the house is the worst idea – your house is soon overrun by mice of every size!

Get Mortein Powergard Rat Kill

You must get stern with even a single rat or mouse that enters your house. You might not have any qualms about pouncing on the mouse (or setting your pet on it) to catch it and kill it. Most people invest in rat traps and sticky papers to trap the rat and kill it thereafter.

But if you are too squeamish about catching the mouse and killing it yourself, there is a great solution to offer. Just get a cake of Mortein Powergard Rat Kill, the most potent rat killing formulation. Just leave the cake at a spot that you know the mouse frequents. It will come and start nibbling away at it. If there is more than one mouse or rat, cut the cake into smaller pieces and leave them in different locations.

The mouse eats the cake and soon, the poison in it starts working in its system. Be sure to cut off all supplies to water beforehand – there should be no water for the mouse to drink. Once the poison starts acting on their bodies, they start suffocating and looking for water – after drinking water, they are able to expel the poison from their stomachs and survive. When it cannot find water, it goes outside the house and dies there.

So with every cake of Mortein Rat Kill, you rid the house of rodent intruders and do not face the unpleasant task of disposing of their bodies!