Bangalore – NRIs One Stop Solution To All Property Needs

The one factor that is known to transform Bangalore property market is the NRI group of property buyers. This is what makes the city different from other states like the financial hubs of Mumbai and Delhi. The growing demand among the NRIs to have a house in Bangalore offers the city a tag of NRIs property investments haven.

Bangalore started witnessing a stable NRI demand in the residential property market exactly after the rupee value depreciation against the US currency value back in August 2011. It was only a matter of time in the year 2013 that made Bangalore top the list of most preferred places for investment among the NRI in India. This brought a whopping 35% surge in the investment level from the Non-Indian Residents in Bangalore.

There are a number of factors like the growing economy of the city, an infrastructure that matches that of what some of the top economies of the world have RBI’s permission and support to make the purchase and sale easy for the NRIs, etc. All of these act as a catalyst to NRIs investment in the city. Some of the other factors that drive it further are:

Blooming IT Sector

The major factor that instigates NRIs to buy a house in Bangalore is the roaring IT sector. The city has the largest absorption of primary global IT and ITeS corporate. According to an estimate, there are approximately 2,200 IT companies, more than 664 MNCs, 183 biotechnology companies, and 248 BPOs functioning in Bangalore.

Abundance of Luxury Projects

Some of the best developers of the nation like Sobha Developers, Tata Housing etc. have come up with their new launches here offering spacious living spaces that meets both living standards and price budget of the NRIs.

Equal Growth in All Four Sides

Bangalore is the only city that has been witnessing an equal price appreciation, infrastructure, and connectivity. This promises a guaranteed high return to the Non-Indian Residents irrespective of what locality they put their money in.

Now that you know the factors that have been attracting NRIs to Bangalore, let’s now see the changes it has brought to the city’s property market –

The rate at which the city is growing is only bound to make it the ultimate NRI hub while catering to the needs of profit seeking

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