Baghera Wines’ Tips : How To Set Up A Wine Cellar?

Baghera Wines’ Tips : How To Set Up A Wine Cellar?

Wine lover, if you have attended an auction organized by Baghera Wines, a consulting agency specializing in fine wines then, you might decide to follow your passion and wish to set up a wine cellar. With its proven experience in matter of wine, Baghera Wines gives you some suggestions to help you starting a wine cellar.

Find out the right temperature and hygrometry

As all amateurs know, wine is a delicate beverage. Thus, if you want to use a cellar, you have to adjust the temperature and humidity in order to keep cork from drying, while increasing wines’ aromas. Indeed, the place should have consistent cool temperature of between 11 and 14 degrees and a humidity of 80%. An air conditioner can help you maintain that temperature and allow air circulation.

If these conditions are respected, wine’s improvement will be ensured.

Determine the location of your wine cellar

Now you know about wine conservation conditions, so you should determine the appropriate place for your cellar. You can then choose a cool place. Apart from temperature and humidity, you should pay attention to the environment in general to preserve wine quality. Actually, the cellar should be protected from light and chemicals. Light would hit the wine and chemicals would expose it to bacteria.

Ensure proper storage of bottles

Store wine in a way that it won’t be moved in order to reach another bottle. It is then necessary to preview the storage of each bottle according to the suitable occasion. For example, it is better to make every day bottlings more accessible than prestige ones. It is also good to put red wine above white one for a matter of temperature. Last but not least, you should ensure optimum electrical connection of the cellar.

For all wine loves, Baghera wines has announced its next auction. It will take place on June 17, 2018 in Geneva. This special event will help you discover the latest bottles of wine from the famous winemaker Henri Jayer. This is truly a historical event , for the wine industry and especially for wine collectors.

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