India predominantly has an agricultural economy. A large part of Indian economy is driven by agricultural industry as almost all of the rural India is engaged in it. With an increase in technological development and advancement, new techniques are being made use of, which has made the youth of India focus on career which paves way towards agriculture.

In order to fulfill this demand, the best bsc agriculture colleges in Uttar Pradesh offer under-graduate course of 4 years duration which can be pursued by aspirants who have successfully completed their 10+2 level education in the science stream. This program focuses on various aspects concerning the field of agriculture like agriculture science, use of modern scientific techniques and equipments used in agriculture, horticulture, soil science, water resource management, animal and poultry management.

Since India is a nation rich in the production of agricultural products, the doorway of opportunities is always open for the students of agricultural studies. In fact, government encourages agricultural graduates to conduct researches in their respective domain that will contribute to the development of the nation, thus creating a remarkable impact by offering numerous job opportunities for these graduates.

Following are some of the fields in agriculture which can lead to a successful career for these graduates.

Agricultural Communication

Agricultural communication involves designing brochures, books, manuals, advertisement, marketing materials which are used to sell the agricultural products. Since, small and the medium scale farmers are less aware of the agricultural market and its benefits, the government of India is taking initiatives with the help these professional to guide the farmers so that they enjoy benefits by making proper use of agricultural communication.

Agricultural Distributors

Agricultural distributors make sure that modern ways and techniques are made use of effectively, keeping in mind the public policies and safety of the environment, in order to bring out the best. These professionals look after the factors like marketing, finance, advertising, packaging and so on, which are related to the selling of agricultural products.

Food Microbiologist

Now-a-days, food is going through lots of changes, which includes the distinction between organic as well as non-organic food. In fact, there are hybrid varieties of food available in the market in different categories. Food microbiologists work in producing and improving the quality of the food products. They also help in deriving pesticides and organic materials which helps in better fostering of the edible plants products.

Soil Conservationist

It is important to provide a good environment to the sapling in order to foster good crops. Hence, it is of utmost importance to provide all nutrients right through inception. Soil conservationist helps in monitoring the condition of the soil and take effective measures to sustain the quality of the soil for the proper production of agricultural products.

The courses offered by B.Sc. agriculture colleges in UP provide numerous job opportunities to the graduates in government sectors like State Agricultural Departments for the officer level posts. Apart from the government sectors, these graduates are also offered jobs in the private sectors such as agricultural products marketing firms, food processing units and so forth.