The largest part of people working for different companies as employees in the areas of Rhode Island is protected by Workers’ Compensation insurance plans. The coverage helps them to avail the monetary benefits that they are expected to expend for medical care together with reimbursement of wage loss in the event of any workplace injury. This is structured as per federal rule; however, the insurance companies involved with Workers’ Compensation try to lower their claim costs, and even, many times disagree to pay their legitimate claims and eventually, deprive them from their rightful benefits, which is a very common scene.

Attorney Ann Sheeley: The Right Choice To Claim Worker’s Compensation

Know Your Lawful Rights

Under such circumstances, only an expert, knowledgeable and experienced attorney company like Sheeley Law can help you through consultation, evaluation of your health-care expenses, the amount of suffering and pain you have undergone owing to the injury and your wage loss. You are supposed to be benefited by all these if this has happened while you are on the company’s job. Depending upon the case, attorney Ann Shirley Sheeley, the proficient personal injury lawyer, will take up the issue with your employer as well as the insurance company and accompany you to obtain all benefits and medical care that you deserve.

Remember, under the Workers’ Compensation insurance act, you have the rights to claim and of being paid. Whereas insurance companies emphasizes on specific doctors for necessary treatment, you’ve the right to choose a doctor as per necessity. If your claim is denied or you are terminated from availing the benefits, law offers you to right to defy against such offenses. Nevertheless, this can be evaluated by a lawyer who specializes on personal injury.

During the free consultancy session, Ann S Sheeley, the Chief of Sheeley Law Company reviews the entire episode of your accidental injury, explains the benefits that you’re expected to avail, your legal rights as well as how her Law Company can help you attain your compensation and finally, takes up the case.

Sheeley Law L.L.C specializes on Workers’ compensation when you suffer from workplace injuries as under:

o   Back Injuries

o   Head and Neck Injuries

o   Repetitive Injuries

o   Occupational Diseases like exposure to hazardous chemicals or elements such as asbestos

o   Flawed workplace setting or atmospheric causes that leads to diseases and injuries

o   Broken bones

o   Vision Impairments and Eye injuries

o   Burns

o   And, any other type of workplace injuries

Entitlement to Third-Party Claims 

If it’s found that your injury is caused by some third-party like equipment supplier, contractor or even your co-worker, then in addition to Workers’ Compensation, you may be additionally benefited towards your suffering and pain caused by the third party. With over 25 years specialization in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense and Workers’ compensation Ann Shirley Sheeley is the right choice for you. Ann Sheeley the compassionate attorney fights on your behalf targeting to derive the maximum compensation for you from your employer, insurance company and other sources associated with your suffering.

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Sheeley Law firm offers you absolutely free consultancy, takes up your case for evaluation and asks you pay them only when you are compensated by Workers’ Compensation insurance company as well as employer. The law firm is having its offices in Newport, Pawtucket, Warwick and Providence.