When I see a program or spy an article on weight management, I’m all over it. It’s kind of a hobby with me. It’s also how I make my living. I’m a freelance writer on all subjects in the health care field. But especially on weight control, my favorite and my nemesis.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about a couple of natural ingredients with some real buzz in the press. Sphaeranthus indicus, a flowering plant from India and Garcinia mangostana, a tropical fruiting evergreen. Both plants, it seems, have been known for generations for their health benefits and have been used in a variety of treatment modalities over the ages.

The exciting news for me was what I read in the Journal of Medicinal Food, a peer reviewed scholarly magazine. It indicated that products containing these two ingredients can have a significant impact on weight management. In another professional journal, Obesity, the article implied that the weight loss began to occur within two weeks of starting the supplement.

As Usual, Nature Has The Answer When It Comes To Weight Loss!

I read about research on Meratrim, one of the best known brands containing these two special natural ingredients (that is, the flower of the Sphaeranthus indicus, and the fruit of the Garcinia mangostana.) I learned that there has been thorough placebo-controlled findings, double-blind tested evidence that Meratrim can really help people achieve their weight goals. This clinical research was conducted at the University of California by Dr. Judith Stern, Ph.D., at the Nutrition and Internal Medicine departments. This is exciting news. The ingredients in Meratrim were demonstrated to be effective and safe. They also were shown to be effective in the waist size reduction as well as weight loss.

So, a weight control product that is made from natural ingredients, double-blind tested at a reputable university laboratory… what more could I want? Of course I had to try it. I picked up some Meratrim at a local health food store. I’ve been taking it for just about a month now. I’ve lost 6 pounds. More importantly, I’ve lost 3 inches on my jeans size. So much for my own “in-home” research. I’m a happy camper. My goal is to lose 4 more pounds and one or two more inches from my waist.

There is so much weight management research that describes “belly fat” as the unhealthiest fat and it’s also the hardest fat to lose. So waist reduction should be a significant goal in any weight management program. I can attest that Meratrim is proving to be better than expected in this department.

I’m convinced. I’ve also got a couple of my friends taking Meratrim. The three of us are so happy with the results so far that we have been motivated to start a walking routine as well. It can’t hurt, right?

Sara Stringer is a freelance, health and wellness writer and consumer advocate and written many articles on Meratrim. Her work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, periodicals and on blogs.