As a fresher it is likely that you are currently living in student or private halls, and although it seemed like the best option for your first year of university life, you may be looking for a change for the upcoming year. Student halls are good for one thing, meeting other freshers, which enables you to live the university lifestyle you are looking for. However sharing your bathroom with several other people and never being able to wash up around a sink full of dirty plates soon gets old and it is likely that you will be looking for somewhere a bit more private and upmarket for your second year. We spoke with Lancaster’s Yellow Door Lets to take a look at the best option…private housing!

Student housing is available to any student whether you are a fresher, doing a masters degree or are a mature student, and living somewhere more private enables you to focus on your work yet also have a more convenient place to socialise with friends. All of those nights with you and your friends sat around in a cramped room is long gone and along with a living room area, you will also have a significantly bigger bedroom. No one likes spending hours on end in a limited space especially when you are trying to work, but your new bedroom will be much more pleasant to spend time in for work or having guests round. It will also become more of a personal homely space to you as you will have much more freedom to personalise your bedroom.

Choosing who you are able to live with is always in your favour when deciding what accommodation to live in. It is rare that student halls will give you the freedom to live amongst your friends, however with rented student housing the choice is yours and they come with a number of different bedrooms to suit your social circle. This is the year you will make your friends as a fresher and you will quickly decide who you want to socialise with, so choosing who to live with next year will be something which comes naturally to you. It is likely that you will already know a lot about the people you are socialising with and you probably already live with some of them in student halls meaning you are aware of their living habits and how easy they are to live with.

Another reason for choosing student housing over student halls is that not only do you get to choose who you live with, but also where. There is the slight downfall that you won’t be as close to the university campus as student halls are usually right on sight, however student houses are cleverly placed in order to make your commute the easiest it can be. If you aren’t in university every day of the week then this shouldn’t be a big issue and you can choose to live in an area which is convenient for your university, work and social life.

As you are aware of, there will be a huge number of students looking to rent student houses in the coming year so it is important that you decide who you want to live with and arrange viewings as early as possible in order to find the best house for you. The earlier you know where you are living the better and there will be a weight off your shoulders enabling you to relax and concentrate on other things. As a student town there will be many letting agents providing student housing and also private landlords, so do your research and get searching today in order to beat the rush.