Are You That Guy From Hee-Haw?

Are You That Guy From Hee-Haw?

Your wife or girlfriend has been nagging you for months (or maybe years, you probably lost count) to update your wardrobe. That ragged shirt with all the holes in it and the jeans that you have been wearing since you were a freshman in college might have great sentimental meaning for you, but they do nothing for everyone else except make them feel sorry for you. You finally venture out to the mall to try to find some new clothes that show you are fashion-minded and conscious and can actually dress like a grownup. You are fine until you are in one store and see some overalls on display. You think they would be perfect for you to wear around the house and reach for a pair to try on. Before you even think about, look at these reasons why men should never wear overalls.

• You are not Five – You may not want to hear this, but you really are a grown up now. They only males that look cute in a pair of overalls are the ones that buy them from Oshkosh. They stopped bring cute long after that and wearing them now is not going to restore the cuteness factor for you.

• You are not in a Romance Novel – Have you seen those books your wife or girlfriend reads and then pretends they belong to her sister and not her? Well they are covered with guys wearing overalls with no shirt, half-on, while they are doing something muscular yet tender and showing off abs that you only see, well, airbrushed on the cover of romance novels. Men do not really look like that when they wear overalls.

• You are not a Woodsman – When was the last time you chopped wood? (Buying a box of Duraflame logs does not count). The only men that need to be out there wearing overalls are men that can do rugged things like chop wood, bale hay, ride tractors and wrestle bears. Sadly, you cannot do any of those things and even if you could, you still would not look good doing it wearing a pair of overalls.

• You Have Nowhere to Wear Them – Even if you still are not convinced you should own a pair of overalls, think about when you are actually going to wear them. There is no reasonable situation that you can come up with that overalls are the appropriate attire for that occasion.

If you think you have a chance to argue your way around it and find a way that overalls are acceptable, you are wrong. The easiest way for you to find this out is to simply buy that pair you have been longing for in the store and bring them home. The first time your wife or girlfriend takes a look at them, you will be driving back to the mall to make a return.

Why not save yourself the aggravation of the return trip and just not buy them in the first place? Of course, if you insist on them, go ahead. Just make sure that you have also invested in a nice new car from that Nissan Upland dealership nearby. You are going to need a new car from to make up for the clothes you are wearing.

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