If moving is one hard method, informing to many people and authorities about the process is equally hard. Therefore, the best movers Toronto suggest having a list of people to whom it is important to notify. It would be great to give the information before the moving process to avoid unnecessary stress. Further, it helps to avoid notices from the authorities without knowing that people in the house have moved. If there is confusion about the list and who to include, then the following information would help to create a list without missing anyone.

Relatives and friends

The best way to start is call family and friends to tell about moving. Although, some of them already most of them are unaware of have only mild information. If it is difficult to call everyone use social media platforms, electronic mails, messages, etc. No one should be left out as it can create rift in the relationship. A research conducted by Sueland Toronto moving company reveals that having a house warming party would help in uniting old friends, relatives and new friends in the new house or apartment.


If the family is in a rented house, there would definitely be a lease agreement. Read the lease agreement and know when to notify the landlord. In most agreements, it would be two months prior to the moving date. Write a formal letter indicating about the moving and mention the date of writing and the date of moving from the house. By informing the landlord, one could escape from the legal obligations.

Post Office

It does not matter if you inform late to a professional moving company Toronto but it is very important to inform the post office as all the bills come through them.  Informing the post office can be done in three ways – personal visit, posting the information and updating the information through the website. It will help the post men to realize the change of address and send the mail to new one. This is a temporary adjustment till the person informs change of address to all those from whom a post card is expected.

Utility Organizations

There are many supplies to a house starting from water to internet. Generally, an address will be associated with water, electricity, internet, sewer, cable, gas and trash. All these companies need to get informed about the change of address. After giving a moving date, they will transfer the same utilities to the new address.

Insurance Company

The bills and notifications sent by the insurance companies are very important. If a bill is missed, then one has to pay penalty and this can be avoided by informing them about the change of address. The best movers Toronto will transport objects that are under insurance and informing the change of address will ensure that the objects are well-protected.

Department of Motor Vehicles

The license plate of one area is not allowed in another and needs to be changed or updated. This process can be done after moving and will have a grace period of 30 days. Contact a representative of DMV and notify about the moving. This will help in the process of acquiring new registration and license with new address.

There are other places like hospitals, schools, work areas and so on where an information of change of address is important. Therefore, before thinking of a professional moving company Toronto think about the people who needs the information of moving. It will help to always stay connected with them.