If you still haven’t figured out how to unlock the LG G3 cell phone device don’t worry, you are about to. There is the perfect solution for all SIM locked LG G3 mobile phones that functions smoothly and perfectly. Unlike the SIM unlocking solutions that we know of this is lightly different but in a better way. The traditional unlocking operations would include buying additional hardware parts, funny gadgets that cost a lot, installing confusing software programs or going to the local mobile phone service. All those methods are now behind us. Why would anyone want to buy tools that they don’t understand and don’t know how to use? Why would anyone want to order some software that they can’t even begin to imagine how it works? And finally, why would anyone want to go down the servicer and wait forever for the “questionable” mobile phone SIM unlock when they can do it by themselves.

When I say that you can do this SIM unlock on your own I mean that! You literally can pull the unlock in no more than twenty minutes and the results would be amazing! This software will restore the faith you have lost in all other SIM unlocking software programs, except that, not all of those are as complete as the Unlock LG G3 Tool.

So, if you are really and truly fed up with the SIM card restriction on your LG G3 guess which software program you need to install? Yes, that is right! You guessed it! It is the Unlock LG G3 Tool.

Here on this page I will clarify a few particulars about this amazing and wonderful SIM unlock software application tool.

First of all, the Unlock LG G3 Tool is absolutely complementary. The download and the installation are totally free of charge with no hidden cost ever. What you see is what you get. You will never be asked to download one more thing and then another or you will be ever asked to pay for this tool. If you notice a tool bearing the same title that is not gratis please report this issue immediately and most importantly never trust that software program.

Second of all, the Unlock LG G3 Tool is user-friendly. I claim this because literally any one can use the Unlock LG G3 Tool regardless of their age or computer knowledge.

Thirdly, the Unlock LG G3 Tool can be installed on any device that has an internet connection. This gives you the entire freedom in the whole wide world about when and where you want to get the SIM unlock code for your locked LG G3 cell phone device.

Fourthly, the Unlock LG G3 Tool offers a permanent solution. Other SIM unlocking solutions are only temporary. The SIM lock restrictions will appear again and again after every LG G3 reset. Moreover, you will lose your phone’s warranty. Luckily that is not the case with the Unlock LG G3 Tool. From that point of view and from many others, the Unlock LG G3 Tool is truly the real deal for you.

Read the following instructions and get busy:

  1. Find the downloading link from the web page or at the bottom of this article and click on it for the automatic start of Unlock LG G3 Tool’s download.
  2. Immediately after this step is over start the installation, which as experience shows takes no more than two minutes.
  3. If you have down the installation properly you should be able to see the tool in your computer’s programs. Click on it.
  4. Now that you have opened the tool it is time to give some details about the LG G3 you want to unlock. The software needs the mobile phone’s IMEI code and carrier. In some cases the country is a must too. With these details the SIM unlock software will work its way into the mobile network operator’s database and will be able to generate the code you need.
  5. When the code is sent to you on the email address which you previously provided you may replace the current SIM card with a different one. Make sure that you insert a SIM card form a another carrier. If you insert a SIM card from the same carrier your LG G3 is locked to, you wouldn’t be able to enter the unlock code.
  6. Enter the code and just click OK.
  7. And this pretty much all that there is to the SIM unlock operation via the Unlock LG G3 Tool.

This unlock solution is fast, effortless and cheap. So, if you haven’t yet unlocked your brilliant LG G3 cell phone device, now is the perfect timing. It is better to do it today than never.