Are You Eligible For Federal Skilled Trades Program Canada?

Are You Eligible For Federal Skilled Trades Program Canada

Who are federal skilled workers?

In countries like Canada, the skilled workers are the people who are chosen as the permanent residents of the country as per their work experiences, educational backgrounds, language proficiencies etc. It is basically the process of offering the immigrants a chance to become the permanent residents quickly if they have certain potential and skills. For the entry to various skilled programs, completion of an express entry profile for the immigration process has been made mandatory since 1 January 2015 by the government of the country. People are invited under this entry system so that they can apply for the federal skilled trades program Canada as well as for their permanent residence visa. The selection is then made on the basis of information they have filled in the application form. Direct entries to these programs cannot be made unless the person receives an invitation from the authorities for applying.

Opportunities in brief

Every year, opportunities are opened in different fields and areas for the ones who are interested in becoming the federal skilled worker Canada. The maximum intake through this program has been recorded to be 3000 once, but keeps on varying on yearly basis. The employment is available in one of the following economic sectors-

Criteria for eligibility

There are a number of factors that can affect one person’s eligibility for the program. The assessment of the workers by the Canadian authorities is primarily done on the basis of skills and knowledge they have. Various fields in the application form are designed for the evaluation purpose only. Here in this article, we will talk about the necessary and important fields that will play a major role in deciding if you are eligible or not.

So if you are to apply for it, these few things are what you should remember before proceeding to fill the actual form.

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