Dampness at any place refers to the presence of moisture content. As far as rising damp is concerned, it is a type of dampness that is present in the internal walls of any property. The dampness keeps on rising upwards to other structures of the wall due to capillary action. It is similar to rising of a liquid through a straw. Absence of proper ventilation at any place makes the condition worse. Presence of white-coloured powder on the bottom of the walls and also on the floor alongside the walls is a direct indicative of rising damp at any place.

Are There Any Effective Solutions For Rising Damp?

Due to the problem of rising damp, growth of mould and mildew is also stimulated. It is not only the walls and other concrete structures but timber and wooden structures present around also get damaged slowly. Since rising damp may cause severe damage inside any property therefore it is very much important to manage this problem well. Various professionals such as Rising Damp Treatments London are operating at various places globally. They help people in getting rid of this problem and also prevent its recurrence in near future. Here are some of the most popular and effective solutions for rising damp at any place.

Proper ventilation all across the property

In order to treat as well as prevent the problem of rising damp at any place, you need to keep your property well-ventilated. It is perhaps the foremost and most important step in keeping your property free of any types of dampness including rising damp.

Underground ventilation

Apart from normal ventilation that is done above the ground, you also need to keep your property ventilated below the ground. It is particularly true for such properties that have under floor cavities. A special technique called as underground ventilation or under floor ventilation is utilized for such type of treatment. In this process, a circulation pump is used to remove the damp air below the ground. This in turn paves the way for fresh and dry air. This action helps in treatment as well as prevention of the problem of rising damp automatically.

Use of damp proofing courses

Known as DPC in short, it is also a good option to keep your property protected against rising damp. In this process, an impermeable or water-resistant barrier is used to safeguard the structures of the given property against rising damp. Thick black polyethylene sheeting is usually utilized in this process. This sheet is helpful in prevention of rising damp.

Chemical based damp proofing course

It is also an effective solution to the problem of rising damp. Also it is quite easy to be used at any place. It requires you to insert impervious or water-resistant chemicals into the walls through drilled holes. This type of treatment can be used in old as well as new properties equally well. You just need to take help from professionals such as Rising Damp Treatments London to accomplish this task is an apt manner.

These are all some of the effective solutions for the problem of rising damp. Keep your property safe against dampness and stay healthy and happy!

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