Are elearning authoring tools the future blackboards?

For quite some time, teachers were seen to write on the blackboard with colourful chalks which often made many to sneeze. The whiteboard along with black marker slowly replaced the whiteboard with advancements made in technology. A couple of years ago, the teacher was able to come out with new acetates to display graphs and images to illustrate a specific point. Then the next year, students were amazed at the PowerPoint presentation that was prepared by their professors. Such presentations contained moving graphics and animations which generally were viewed on TV only or in the newly invented net and websites. These educational tools are still being used by few of the schools, but are considered to be the predecessor to the advanced and modern elearning authoring tools used today.

About elearning development tools

The authoring tools are called Authorware and are special programs which are designed for educations and not meant for the computer programmers. It is to enrich their overall classroom or elearning experience. Also can be developed customized applications, which include video, audio and graphics to be sequenced and synched to follow the teacher provided lectures. Rapid Authorware is considered to be the easiest tool type and the commonly used one is the MS PowerPoint.

Know the best elearning tools

Authoring tools are classified in several ways. The web is full of open-source authoring tools. Moodle is among the most praised of all elearning applications. Also are available rapid elearning authoring tools!

Overall, the above tools are being currently used by professionals across the globe to come up with elearning programs to meet their specific client requirements.

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