Architecture apprenticeships are very competitive. When you choose to apply for one, you will be interviewed with thousands of other candidates. It is very important to know what is expected of you to ensure you can make yourself the better candidate.


Once you have been offered an interview, ensure you know exactly where it is going to be held and how to get there, you want to arrive in plenty of time. It would be wise to have the interviewers contact details with you, should you unexpectedly be held up.

The interview process will be thorough, although it will depend on the company that the apprenticeship is for as to how the process works. Some companies will hold a formal interview process with a group of interviewers. Other companies will be less formal and may be held on a one-to-one basis. Practice speaking up in group situations. Many apprenticeship employers use group interviews to sift out the stronger candidates, you want one of those candidates to be you.

Either way, the interviewer will have expectations. You will most certainly be expected to attend smartly dressed and approach the interview with a professional attitude. It is important to make eye contact throughout the process, and always have some questions prepared to ask the interviewer. You could ask the interviewer things like: “what will be my normal working day?” or “what are the main goals of the company?”. Asking questions like these will show them that you have prepared well and show them how much you want the position.

Another key feature to remember before the interview is to research the employer, it will help you out massively in the long run. It will show the company how dedicated you are. Preparation is crucial, ensure your more than ready for this interview.


If you are fortunate enough to have been accepted onto the apprenticeship you should be very proud of yourself, ensuring you keep a professional focus on your progress throughout your time at the company.

You should treat the apprenticeship like it is your job because you may be successful in gaining a job at the end of it. The majority of Architecture apprenticeships will last a year. As you have been trained the company way, you stand a higher chance of getting a position with them at the end of the apprenticeship should one become available.


Most companies will have a structured guidance policy for their apprentices. You will more than likely have a mentor to assist you through the apprenticeship. Your mentor will help you with any issues or problems you may be experiencing. Your mentor will hold meetings with you to review your progress and talk through ways to improve.

Some apprenticeships may send you to do some work experience to a school so you can be exposed to a formal education in Architecture. This would only be for a few days a week, on the other days you would be getting first-hand experience in the field, with the company.

Michael Kimpton