A fiancée visa (sometimes called a prospective marriage visa) enables a person from abroad to marry their partner who is either Australian or Australian permanent resident. This visa only lasted for 9 months that means you have to get married to your partner and apply for a partner visa within 9 months of the visa; else ways you have to leave the country.  You can get the free consultation from best Adelaide migration agent for the partner visa.

If you want to come to Australia on the basis of your relationship with your partner, then this visa is for you. Your partner should be one of the following:

  • An Australian citizen
  •  Australian permanent residents
  • A qualified New Zealand citizen

 Australian permanent resident or a fellow New Zealand citizen’s partner or fiancé, do not have the regular right to permanent residence in Australia, As an Australian citizen. If you want to stay permanently in Australia, you must first apply for a permanent visa and should be evaluated against the lawful criteria for granting that visa.

What does visa allow me to do?

With this visa, you

  • Before marrying your fiancée, you must enter Australia
  • You can leave Australia as many times as you want before your visa expires and can re-enter (nine months after the visa grant)
  • Can work in Australia
  • In Australia, You can lodge for a partner visa once marrying your fiancée.
  • You can study, but you will not have access to government financing
  • Australia’s medical expenses and hospital care support plan, Medicare can be used, but only if you are in Australia and have already applied for a partner visa

By not meeting the liability of this visa, you will have a bad effect on any future visa application you have made, as a result for a long time, you may have been separated from your partner, and this may result in permanent restrictions from Australia.

Couples who run this on their own or with the assistance of migration agents are naive with this type of visa, run a high risk of not being approved. Couples often come after a potential marriage visa rejection, and have found that they haven’t applied for a right visa! Couples and inexpensive migration agents those are not aware of the options available. Registered Migration agents in Adelaide are aware of the options accessible, and if this is not correct, then fiancée visa will not be granted.

Other common mistake couples make when applying for a fiancé visa, that is, they do not attach enough helpful evidence. Couples are always surprised at the arrival and realize the level of detail that immigration needs to make a well-versed choice on their application. Again, if immigration feels that they do not have sufficient information, then they will either ask for additional documents or just reject the application.

How to enter your application?

In the form of an applicant, you have to submit all the necessary documents and application fees along with the appropriate applications.

If you are entering a paper-based visa application in some countries, you will need to provide statistical analysis of unique personal features or behaviors, especially with the purpose of identifying people.

Adelaide migration agent will be with you at each stage from the beginning of the visa application for both the temporary and permanent phases. Our advisors are always at hand to talk to you at any time, We all work hard and worry, so all you have to do is rest, relax and enjoy the time with your loved one.