Every year, a surplus of apps enter the mobile industry. No doubt, this is exhilarating for the users since they have more options to choose from. However, this is one of the major concerns of the app developers. With the rising competition in the app market, it has become indispensable for the mobile app affiliate companies to discover new ways to rule the user’s mind and relish better outcomes.

From years of experience in the mobile market, we have realized that the right way to engage your target audience is to consider app creatives and reviews.

App Creatives

App creatives refer to the app icons, screenshots, preview videos and other such visual elements that could attract the users and exhort them to install the app. In other words, the visual contents you add on your app page that could help the target audience understand what your app does and how are together termed as Creatives.

The app creatives basically have three elements which if organized according to the app store guidelines can make your app marketing strategy strong, increase the user reach and help you earn better outcomes:

App Icon

The icon of your mobile application is the first thing a user notices. It can either encourage the user to click on the install button or can make him confused and leave. Keeping both the situations into consideration, it is better to design an engaging icon that could define the purpose of your app. For example, the icons of Amazon app is a cart, which defines that it is related to e-commerce and shopping.

To get the best out of app icon designing, make it certain that the selected icon is unique, vibrant, functional and does not include any text. Adding texting can affect the readability of the icon on different screens. So it is better to skip this practices. Apart from these, it is wise to design icon as per the size recommendations by the app stores. For example, Google demands an Android app icon to be a 32-bit PNG image with dimensions 512 x 512 pixels and size up to 1 MB.


Users hardly pay attention to the app description added. They just go through the screenshots and decide if they want to try the app on the basis of the same. This signifies it is crucial to add the best of app screenshots that are engaging and educate the users about what your app does and why they should consider it over the other alternatives.

For an iOS application, you can add up to 10 screenshots with a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels and 2436 x 1125 pixels for portrait and landscape orientation, respectively. While you can add 8 screenshots in JPG or 24-bit PNG format with a minimum dimension of 320px.

As per our experience, 60% of smartphone users check only the first two added screenshots. This clearly defines the best two of the screenshots at the first two positions for better advantages of app marketing strategy.

Preview Videos

In addition to the app screenshots, you can also add app preview videos to keep the users hooked. While creating a video featuring the prime functionality of your mobile application, bear in mind that 80% of users do not watch a video of more than 12 seconds. So, make the video short, enchanting and informative. Skip additional things like a welcome message in the beginning.

The Apple app store enables the iOS application developers and mobile advertising companies to add  3 app videos, which are placed before the screenshots to bring huge traction to the iOS application. The Google Play Store, on the other hand, empowers developers to add YouTube video URL instead.

App Reviews

App reviews is yet another crucial piece of mobile app marketing strategy to engage a wider range of users and earn higher app revenue. From our experience of launching 350+ apps, we have found that users are more likely to take the decision of downloading an app after reading at least three reviews submitted earlier. They prefer an app with a higher ratio of positive reviews (but not all the positive reviews as it seems fake)

To leverage the benefits of app reviews, ensure that you keep an eye on the customer feedback and respond to their queries. When you look into the issue they are facing and strive to solve the same, they feel appreciated and show loyalty. On the top of it, the smartphone user wandering on your app page finds you genuinely interested in helping people and thus, look forward to installing the app. Besides, encourage the users to submit their reviews by providing some incentive or other manners.

Developing a unique and functional app is not enough. To gain a huge momentum and enjoy success in the mobile app market, you need to turn towards the best app marketing strategies. While there are various ways to promote your app, the ultimate methods are considering the app creatives and reviews. So, focus on these two pillars of mobile app marketing strategy and write a successful app story.