It is not very usual for Google to show figures on nearby R&B concerts unless it is about Anthony Hamilton. The R&B singer has been able to carve a distinct mark of presence among the musical community of the almost obsolete Americana Blues. Although the country has had a real Blues tradition with legendary artists such as Lead Belly, John Lee Hooker, and Floyd Council, the musical tradition was not very far from losing its spell due to an overtly profiteering sensibility of the music industry. Hopefully, things are turning for a good shift because people seem to have lost their interest in songs that come with a shelf life.

Anthony Hamilton Tickets Available For 2017 Concert Dates

Resurrecting Real Music

Musically, 2016 has been a year of resurrection with legendary artists like Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize in Literature and Joan Baez nominated in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. The whole nation is relearning its traditions through complex social changes as well, and artists like Anthony Hamilton have been among the not-so-famous crusaders of this wonderful change. Hamilton is an acclaimed R&B singer with choir music roots. His voice is actually quite well known to anyone who has seen the Tarantino movie Django Unchained.

The rendition of songs like Freedom and Trinity touched the heart deep in a memorable way, and Hamilton has luckily not lost his touch with the heart, from where all great music emerges. There is a significant amount of interest in upcoming concerts Anthony Hamilton, which is a real good sign of people appreciating real music.

Fantastic Music

Music of the soul shines in the genuine feelings it stirs in the heart of the audience. Hamilton is a Grammy award winning artist with his second album reaching the Platinum. His popular singles include ‘Conin from Where I’m from’, ‘Charlene’, and ‘The Point of it All’. As the song titles suggest, the experience one can expect is in depth with the ethos of a man of color trying to make some good sense of it all in a politically disturbed society.

Only true art can provide real solace in times of turbulence, and music is one of those rare things in life that has the power to stop the flow of time in a seemingly endless symmetry of melodies. As the singer keeps turning the pages of his life in the tracks that he sings one by one, the audience begins to relate with the same ethos of real human values that still make life worthwhile in a corrupted, dangerous world.  With Anthony Hamilton, one can expect a fair amount of new music at every other concert. The singer already has released seven studio albums, two compilation albums, and several singles of note.

2016 has been an especially busy year for the ‘Freedom’ singer. Till date, there have been more than 50 concerts and quite a few are in line to end the year and continue the journey to 2017. With so many successful concerts packed in a single year, the popularity of upcoming concerts Anthony Hamilton tickets in itself is a testimony to the fact that true music never dies despite all the pressures of a plastic society trying not to think much in understanding music merely as a source of entertainment.

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