Ann DeWitt is an African-American historical fiction author who fictions are known to give the readers a powerful emotional experience. She has the ability to bring the past to life and add her own creativity to the story. The power to re-create history is what attracts her to choose this genre.

If you want to immerse yourself in a different era or get insight of another era; then historical fictions are the best options available. More than a genre, historical fiction is actually a means of setting. In it, there is suspense, mystery, adventure, romance, and often these are united in the same book.

Ann DeWitt Civil War has written a blog that talk about the beauty, strength, and resilience of 19th Century women in the course of the American Civil War. This blog focuses on women of the Victorian Age. It highlights how during the Victorian period the roles of women as well as men became more defined. In previous centuries women used to work alongside husbands and brothers. However, as the 19th century progressed men increasingly travelled to their place of work while the females were left at home all day to supervise the domestic duties.

The Victorian era recognized various classes as a portion of the societal structure

  • Lower Working Class
  • Middle Class
  • The Nobility
  • Upper Working Class

In all these societal structures, the role of the women remained quite the same. They used to live an extremely restrictive life with their life centered on the domestic chores and their family. The woman belonging to this period had no option but to accept all that which was already decided by the society.

A resident of South Carolina, Ann DeWitt helps by mentoring and assisting ambitious authors to publish their own works independently. Some of the writers she mentored have been recognized and awarded in the publishing industry. Some of them have already been featured in national television programs. As of now, Ann lives in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia.

Ann DeWitt Civil War respects Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the American Civil Rights Leader. Furthermore, she is a huge fan of the American Civil War Author, Lochlainn Seabrook. Ann through her blog has portrayed the influence, attractiveness, and flexibility of the women of the nineteenth century during the American Civil War. This war is often considered as one of the first true industrial wars.

The writings of Ann DeWitt are portrayed in such a way that it will take you to a period that has been there, plus also informing you of the actual history of the people, times, and places typically with accurateness and consideration to historical trustworthiness. These write-ups can be read simply for pleasure or to learn more of times past in an amusing way.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that Ann DeWitt is the famous historical fiction author who has also written the celebrated young adult historical fiction, Entangled In Freedom: A Civil War Story.