Arranging an animal experience party for your child is one of the most inspiring gifts you can give. The day is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience, which will deliver memories that will last for years. However, there are a few things you should bear in mind, by taking a few simple precautions then you can make sure your child’s special day runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

Numbers and Ages

Animal parties are often geared for children aged over 5. However, some companies like Zoo 4 You, which provides animal parties for children in London and the home counties, also offer packages aimed at younger animal enthusiasts. Make sure you are upfront with any professionals involved, so that they can ensure they provide an age-appropriate experience for the group. Adult supervision will always be essential, and it is advisable to make sure you have a good ratio of adults to children, so that all the children can be monitored closely and helped to gain the most from the experience.

In terms of actual numbers, animal parties are usually best suited to around 8-12 children, in order that each child can benefit from spending sufficient time with each animal, and to tame the chaos somewhat!


It is important that you check with any animal party providers that they have public liability insurance. In the highly unlikely event of something going wrong, you will want to know that you are covered.


Most providers will only be able to travel within a reasonably short distance of their base, as understandably, most animals cannot travel long distances. Do check what services are available in your area. Most animal parties will host at your home or at a venue such as a village hall. However, you will need to be honest with any party venue about the presence of furry guests, as some venues may not accept animals on the premises.

Home parties are always a good choice, with more flexibility, less fuss and lower costs.


Some children are fearful of certain animals, such as snakes or spiders. Make sure you speak to each of the parents in advance, to explain that your party may involve some less conventionally popular animal friends. Animal experience parties are a great way to help children overcome fears which are mainly based on false media portrayals, but some children may react badly. It is important to give parents of your child’s friends the chance to decide whether or not their child should come into contact with an animal which makes them feel unsure.


Most animal parties require far less space than you would imagine. Check with your provider, but many animal experiences are perfectly suited to taking place in a living room or garden. However, play rooms or rooms packed full of toys and distractions will detract from the experience. So if you are organising an animal party for children in London or elsewhere, make sure you have a de-cluttering session before the big day!