Remember the gorgeous Meena Kumari carrying a magnificent anarkali suit with a great deal of style as she performed her court dances in Pakeezah? Coming to think of it, the veteran actress was never known for a perfect figure! Yet, she looked most attractive in the anarkali dresses picked for her. So, if you thought you could buy anarkali suits only if you sport a tall and slim frame, think again. Anarkalis could well suit short and plump body types too. It is about knowing what to look for when you buy anarkali suits. We look at some guidelines here.

Anarkalis For The Imperfect Figure

Picking the Right Suit for Plump and Short Body Types

Some aspects to take note of include:

  • Always look for anarkali suits that are longish but not full length and that fit along your waist. This will lend a slimming look, making it perfect for your frame, if you are on the heavier side.

Anarkalis For The Imperfect Figure

  • Always prefer monotones and dark hues for that slimming effect. Wearing blacks would be the best choice for you. Other options include dark blues, bright reds, bottle-greens and so on.
  • When you look to buy anarkali suits online, choose ones that have kalis starting from the shoulder. Those starting from the waist will add volume and make you appear heavier than you are. Also, do not choose ones with too many kalis. Keep them minimal for a slimming effect.
  • When it comes to the cut, always prefer A-line cuts with slim borders. These will provide an illusion of height and will cover up all visible flaws in your figure.
  • Minimize on flare. Prefer moderate flares, especially if you are too short. You may also choose kurtas that are above your knee in length.
  • Never choose stiff materials like organza if you want a slimming effect.

If you are unsure, always check with your designer or seek advice from professionals, before buying.