I have recently been spending a considerable amount of time looking for the best institute to learn analytics at the Indian NCR. I have considered both the online and the offline facilities that are available. I found AnalytixLabs to have the most compelling features and I would like to make a detailed review of AnalytixLabs courses, curriculum and other important aspects.

A little back drop would better justify this review. I have worked as an SEO expert for a couple of years and as anyone may understand I felt the need to be conversant with big data analytics. Obviously, the prospects the training may create for me in future were always in my mind so I took things seriously. I had a serious dearth of time and could not afford to lose any. The first thing I did was going through various ratings and rankings which pointed me toward AnalytixLabs as a potential answer to my queries. I read some Analytixlabs reviews that recommended this institute very highly. A friend of mine introduced me to a former student of AnalytixLabs. This alumnus, currently an employee of Snapdeal, told me that she got what she paid for. This was quite inspiring for me. So I decided to enroll for the big data expert course.

This is the cheapest course that AnalytixLabs offers. Budget was an issue for me so I went for it. But I was quite surprised to discover that the curriculum does delve deep into the Hadoop based analytics ecosystem. It is not just a entry level or beginners’ overview course. It prepares you to enter the bigdata industry with a firm knowledge of Hadoop based systems and an understanding of the industry itself. I paid 20,000 INR for more than 100 hours of instruction that consists of 60 hours of live training, video based instruction, case studies, project works and evaluative programs. The whole curriculum is pretty tightly knitted and tactfully targeted.

Even before I enrolled for the course what excited me was the honest counseling offered by the institute’s counseling team. I had read about this feature in a review but did not assume this to be so important a part. Education is about empowerment and guidance; if an institute offers both to you; you know you are at the right place. They gave all my words careful attention and recommended the particular course for me. This should help students a lot.

What I loved during the course is the instructors’ constant effort to connect us to the industry; with all the technicalities being taught there was also a kind of philosophical therapy on the industry and its quick unpredictable movements. The fact that the faculty members have a staggeringly amount of experience in analytics makes things much easier for students. They know that they can trust someone’s word that has been there and done it all.

Coming back to the course, there are a few things I would like to point out.

Pace of the course is perfectly balanced so that the students do not miss anything but also do not waste too much time.

Theoretical and Practical training is in harmony. Neither form of training is irrelevant here. This is a field of multiple disciplines and you need to know as much as you can. Practical training gets a lot of attention at AnalytixLabs, the reason being their concern about the well being of the students.

Promises are keptby the institute.  At least my experience with AnalytixLabs does not prompt otherwise. What they promise in the website is fulfilled.

The community of alumni and current students is very interesting too. You can always find help when you need at an hour when your instructor is not around.

Students have multiple choices from Analytixlabs courses and aspirants with different requirements and for people with various skill levels. As I have personally experienced and read from many reviews AnalytiLabs maintains some basic qualities that segregate it as one of the best in the business in India.

  • Flexibility of time
  • Outstanding Faculty
  • Well targeted, industry relevant curriculum
  • Vibrant community of alumni
  • An enthusiastic and understanding administrative body

These features do make a lot of difference in regard to a student’s gains and achievements and that is why AnalytixLabs sets the standard.