Anadrol: The Best Bodybuilding Supplement With Faster Effects

Anadrol: The Best Bodybuilding Supplement With Faster Effects

Oxymethone is one of the potential steroids, which first appeared in market in name of Anadrol 50. Most of the time, it is referred to as Anadrol only. Previously it was invented for therapeutic benefits such as to treat osteoporosis, anaemia, gastrointestinal diseases and other chronic underweight issues.

Over the years, it is increasing categorised under category of anabolic steroids. Presently, Oxymethone hormone is the only approved supplement for treating anaemia in United States. Also, it is used for treating other wasting diseases such as HIV and AIDS.

Functions and Traits of Anadrol 50

Anadrol is one of the strongest supplements in existence, particularly in prescription market. It is a great source of energy and power and can significantly boost individual’s strength. It is so rapid and powerful that users can sometimes gain about 20-30 lbs within 4-6 weeks.

Due to its rapid acting nature, most of the performance athletes prefer taking it while starting a new mass gaining cycle. It is used at times when athletes want to give a kick start to their body building strategy.

Also, it is not a base steroid, but it is a secondary steroid which can be stacked with other supplements. Those who take Anadrol alone will see that rapid gains do occur in their muscle mass, but those gains are not sustainable and disappear soon.

When To Use Anadrol

One of the best times to use Anadrol is during mid-cycle. This is because during other cycles, progress of individual in muscle building gets slower and it is only during mid-cycle that gains continue. It’s important that if you use Anadrol as kick start, you shouldn’t be using it during mid-cycle. Such double use can lead to enormous stress to user’s liver.

How It Works

Red blood cells are responsible for carrying blood across different parts of body. However, if your muscles are not getting adequate oxygen, your power output drops and tiredness sets in, leading to an end to your exercise. For taking intense workouts, your muscles require more oxygen. Anadrol increases production of red blood cells in your body thereby allowing more oxygen to be carried to muscles of your body.

This extra fuel implies you are more powerful and stronger and can work for longer hours. This leads to faster gain in your muscles. Also, since oxygen plays key role in your workouts, you can get ready for next workout speedily.


Hope this guide will be useful for you and will help you to buy Anadrol at the best prices.

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