With numerous anabolic steroids being legal nowadays, the slogan has become very popular among men in sports and bodybuilding career. They are known to give them an advantage over their colleagues both in workouts and increasing in mass. The Valkyrie Online is a great website to get effective and legal anabolic steroids together with a plethora of information about them. However, this article will still discuss more about them and how they affect their users.

Anabolic Steroids - What Are They and How Do They Affect Men?

What Are Anabolic Steroids?

Basically, anabolic steroids are made to emulate the testosterone but they are synthetic. Just like the original hormone would react by attaching itself to a receptor, so does the anabolic steroids. According to experts from a renowned university, steroids have been used by many doctors to treat men with low testosterone. They work perfectly when prescribed by the doctor at the right dose and most people have recorded success in restoring their normal testosterone level.

A contrary use than what is recommended will lead to adverse effects which they all seem to have a potential of. Shockingly, about 10 mg daily is prescribed to people whose testosterone level has gone drastically down due to chronic illnesses like testicle cancer. On the other hands, the athletes with a normal production of the hormone should be careful on the amount of the steroids they use to enhance their performance.

Why Men Use Steroids

Every other day, we see headlights of sportsmen who have used illegal enhancement drugs and got banned from the race. However, there are numerous athletes who use the legal anabolic steroids responsibly and enjoyed their numerous benefits. On average, the bodybuilders in the heavy category use over 1000 mg a week to increase their muscles and strength to do more workouts. Those in regular sports and want to have more power in playing and exercising have been seen to use about 200 mg a week.

The thing with anabolic steroids is that they have fewer side effects when used in the right way. Medical experts must examine your body and see how it can respond to different types of anabolic steroids. They all do not work the same on different people. So finding the right one through an expert is the best thing. So, if you are wondering whether the enhancement drugs are effective or not, the answer is yes but subject to how people use them.

What Are the Effects of Misuse

If one misuses the steroids, then they expose their health to potential risks. Medical researchers claim that the affected athletes are those who want to add the dosage thinking that they will proportionally increase in mass. However, this can be the beginning of your downfall. The headaches, diarrhea, stomach problems and feeling weak among other effects may derail the workout programs leading to lost goals.


Anabolic steroids are great for people who want to achieve their dreams in sports and bodybuilding. They give a lean body and also add mass. However, users can only enjoy these benefits if they use in the recommended way. Other than that, the negative effects will kick in.