An Overview Of The Top Mystical Books Of All Time

Who hasn’t attempted to look into the future? Who hasn’t tried to see if there is a way to forecast what’s in store? All over the world, both ancient and modern people have looked up to the skies, into a tea pot, upon scattered entrails or amongst secret herbs to see if there is any way to glimpse what times are to come. It’s normal – we live in insecurity, after all, and are constantly seeking answers so as to better our odds. Ever wonder where divine knowledge could possibly come from? Seek no further. Here’s an overview of the top mystical books of all time.

The Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead was a funerary text that was used about one thousand five hundred years to about a half a century before Christ. It basically contains a whole bunch of spells that are used to either bring good luck or bewitch other people. Mostly it was used to guide the spirits of the dead to the afterlife and to ensure the wellbeing of the deceased.

The Book of Abramelin the Mage

This is a book written by Abraham von Worms, and dates back to the 15th century. It describes how an ancient Egyptian mage, Abramelin, taught the system of magic – in essence; it describes formulae and procedures, which could be considered as a precursor to science.

Arbatel de magia Veritum

Whilst self-help books became popular only after the millennium changed, they have actually existed for a long time, and the Arbatel de magia Veritum is probably one of the earliest ones. It contains spiritual advice and aphorisms for those who need advice.

The Black Pullet

Written in the 18th century, this book has advice on the science of magic, talismans, and special rings. It deals not only with special objects, but also with special engravings and mystical words that would benefit the wearer of the object.

Greek Magical Papyri

This book is similar to the Book of the Dead – as it has similar content and has basically the same purpose – although the spells and chants described therein have their origin in Greek rather than Egyptian mythology and religions.

Whether or not those books can really predict the future is for you to decide, of course – it largely depends on your faith and, should we be totally honest, many of the predictions are open for interpretation and quite subjective. What is clear is this: these Top 5 Mystical Books are great reads, and have inspired great games such as the slot game, The Book of Ra. Check them out, if for no other reason than to understand what they are all about, what humanity is all about – and what fun there could be had with some mysticism on our side.

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