An Encounter With The 5 Best Places To Visit In Ooty

In Tamil Nadu there are two popular hill stations namely Kodaikanal and Udhagamandalam. Udhagamandalam is a more popular location in India because of the song “Chaiyyan Chaiyyan” from the movie Dil se which features Shah Rukh Khan dancing on top of the toy train which runs between Coonoor and Udhagamandalam.This toy train,a part of Nilgiri Mountain Railway is also considered a UNESCO heritage site. If one wants to see the natural beauty of Nilgiri Hills one should take a ride between Udhagamandalam and Coonoor which is completed in a time span of 4-5 hours. Long mountain tunnels, running between the mountains and clouds, seeing thousands of meters deep valley is meant for those who love adventure.

Udhagamandalam better known as Ooty by tourists is a hill station situated at an altitude of 2240 meters in the last state of India. Nestled in the dense forests and greenery of the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty is one of the most heavy revenue generating places through tourism in Tamil Nadu. Ooty is famous for homemade chocolates and Nilgiri tea leaves which are good in taste as well as light on pocket. The place being situated in Tamil Nadu (a hot place) remains cool throughout the year because of its high altitude and dense forest presence. One simply gets addicted to the natural and serene beauty of ooty. Many Ooty tour packages from Hyderabad are available to enjoy the magnificent lakes and hills. Some of the best places to visit in ooty are:

Ooty Lake- Amidst the cool weather of Ooty one can enjoy boating here in the strong winds flowing from either sides. Always carry light to heavy woollens while boating here because the winds are so strong that sometimes bookings are cancelled for boating.

Doddabetta Peak- Doddabetta peak is the highest peak present in the South. Standing at an altitude of 2650 m The Dodabetta peak should be visited in non monsoon season.  You must pack some really good pair of binoculars so that when you reach this place to enjoy it to the fullest. This place offers amazing hiking spots and plethora of quiet and charming locations to lonely wanderers.

Pykara Lake- Pykara is taken from the name of the village and a river. The place is situated 19 kms from Udhagamandalam and features a beautiful and clear water lake with a small amusement park as well.The amusement park’s entry is free but for a ride one has to pay. Apart from the lake there lies a place which is full of mountains till the horizon and the winds blows here at more than 60 km/h. Here one should just close his/her eyes and feel stunning weather of Nilgiri Hills.

Coonoor- It is another hill station nearby ooty which is the main producer of Nilgiri tea leaves. Coonoor is popular for a point at an altitude of 6000 ft which is covered with clouds all around and here one can see the dolphin’s nose point and the plains of Tamil Nadu. The Sim’s Park is way too beautiful and is a great place for photography as well. Don’t miss your DSLR when you visit Coonoor.

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve- This wildlife and national park is around 80 kms away from ooty and the reserve houses almost 48 tigers. While coming through the highway there are loads of warnings and signs to cross the highway without honking and disturbing the animals.

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