Do you know how mill shipping companies work and manage the heavy freight? The transportation of the shipment has never been easy for the folks and they need a special delivery service known as white-glove delivery service, in order to maintain the quality of the packages. There are many courier companies who provide white-glove-delivery services in Miami.

In this article, you will get the detailed information about white glove delivery service.

  • What is white glove delivery service?

White glove delivery service consists of unpacking, inspection, removal/unload of packaged materials and transporting the order up or down within 2 flights/ships. This type of delivery service is provided for waterways and airways.

  • The type of items for white-glove-delivery service

It includes shipment for the items such as  antiques, rare art objects, or sensitive/breakable items like fine crystal. These type of items need extra care and handling throughout the transportation service. They do not require any ordinary shipping service that can cost you a heavy damage to the products during loading, unloading and transporting. When you hire a white glove delivery service, you can easily rely on this as they provide special care and consideration to your expensive and precious items.

  • What are the services it includes?

1. Packaging

Items that are delivered through white glove delivery services are packaged properly in order to ensure the items are exactly the same as they were before delivery. They make sure that items have no scratch, dent or is broken. There are many courier companies who build custom crates for breakable items, whatever the size or weight of the item may be.

2. Logistics

This service also handles logistics that include all the processes right from packaging to transporting the item, each and every step is scheduled according to the preference/needs of the client. They also provide overnight packaging  so that you can focus on your other priorities.

3. Cleanliness

White delivery services provide trucks and storage facilities that are clean and secure in order to prevent any damage from dirt or dust.

4. Assembly

White glove delivery service providers have trained drivers, who deliver goods safely and efficiently as well as assist for moving packages to the location. They also assist in assembling goods and setting up the delivered goods regardless the type of material.

5. Disassembly

White glove delivery service also provides disassembly service for many events such as wedding or trade events. The drivers of white glove delivery service dissemble, remove and transport the delivered materials quickly and safely.

This was the brief information about the white-glove-delivery service that will be helpful in case you are hiring this particular service.