Tyres in General

Tyres were designed to be able to run for thousands of kilometers, and to also take some harsh punishment, in one word they are durable. But, over time, they tend to lose efficiency as wear and tear sets in and as the type of driving also helps the tyres get worn down faster.

However, no matter how much care you take of your tyres, it will be inevitable to buy new ones. And it is always good to know which signs to look out for and when to buy new tyres.

Checking your Tyres

There are many patterns on a tyre which tell you exactly what is going on with them, and you will notice that there are tread wear bars which will help you distinguish whether it is time for a new tyre or if you are still good to go. Checking the tread wear bars is not hard, as they are right next to the larger tread pattern, and they should be small and barely distinguishable, but as soon as you notice them growing larger, it is time for a tyre change.

All You Need To Know About Tyres

Dry Rot

The dry rot cracks which can appear on tyres are usually due to extensive heat sources and because the tyres are not used for longer periods of time. The cracks will be visible on the tyre side walls, and as soon as you notice them, it is time to go out and shop for tyres.

Moreover, it is good to check pressure because it can also cause to accelerate the effects of dry rot. The best you can do is to check your tyres regularly in order to avoid low tyre pressure and to keep them safe.

Blisters on your Tyre

The makeup of the tyre is constructed so that it holds numerous belts wrapped in the tyre, and when these belts break, they can create weaker spots, which will result in bulges or blisters. As soon as the composition of the tyre is weakened, then the worst that could heapen is a dangerous blowout. In order to avoid any accidents, as soon as you notice any bulges then head on down to your nearest car shop or check for tyres online so that perhaps you can save some money when buying new ones.

Buy DIY Tools

To be absolutely sure that you know when it is time to buy new tyres, then it is time to buy a few essential tools that will help you out. A tread depth gauge will measure how much depth there is in between the treads, and as a rule, if the treads are down to 1.6mm then it is no longer safe to drive them and you should visit your local car shop immediately.

Moreover, buy a home air pressure gauge, to check whether your tyres are pumped up properly, so that you do not wear them down faster, furthermore, properly pumped tyres can save you money on fuel consumption too.