A physiotherapist is the one, who helps patients who are suffering from physical ailments the reason could be anything for example illness, injury, disability, and aging. They invent and review treatment programs using methods which are mostly done manually. In other cases, therapeutic techniques and electrotherapy are used. They generally handle orthopedic physiotherapy for treating a sprain, arthritis, sports injuries, strains, and back pain etc. Jobs in Jeddah for physiotherapist are gaining importance.



There are many duties of a physiotherapist to treat patients and the list is as follows:

  • Work with patients who have a range of problems including problems related to the neurological conditions, cardiovascular and respiratory problems
  • Diagnosing, assessing and treating physical problem/condition of patients
  • They should be caring, compassionate and professional all the time
  • Giving guidelines to the patients about how to prevent or improve conditions
  • Staying updated with new techniques and technologies available for treating patients in a better way
  • Should be responsible and accountable
  • Writing patient’s cases, notes reports and collect statistics for future use.

Educational Qualifications

The candidate must have Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy to get jobs in Jeddah. Master’s degree is given preference. The candidate must have some additional skills to become a great physiotherapist which are as follows:

  • Should possess tolerance, patience, sensitivity
  • Organizational and administrative skills
  • They should have a team working skills so as to mix it with other professionals of healthcare, such as doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers
  • Good communication skills as it is the topmost requirement to make conversation with patients

Where can they Get Jobs?

  • Healthcare industry
  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostics labs

Benefits of Working in Jeddah

  • You can have delicious foods at all budgets costing from cheap to costly
  • The country allows you to interact with strangers as English is the widely spoken language despite the fact Arabic is the native language of the country
  • If you love or dream of buying a car then Jeddah is the perfect you can consider from large number of options as cars are cheap or you can even buy it in cheap installments and petrol is also very cheap
  • Electricity bill is cheap when compared with other countries
  • No harsh restrictions on women
  • Affordable and spacious homes are available which offers attractive chance to invest in real estate property
  • Salary package is high
  • Income tax-free salaries

The list is long enough to make up mind whether you should do jobs in Jeddah or not. There are other benefits as well which highlights the importance of working in Jeddah.

If you have decided to work in Jeddah then you must understand the procedure of how to apply for jobs is a matter of concern. There are various ways by which you can apply for the jobs. But before you apply for jobs you must have knowledge of your industry in which you want to work then after that you can go for methods like referrals, networking but the most common method is getting jobs via job portal. One of the leading job portals in Jeddah is Monstergulf to increase your chances of getting selected in a reputed firm.

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