Nandrolone Decanoate, parent to Deca Durabolin is one of the most preferred synthetic diet supplements among body builders, powerlifters and athletes. It is one of those powerful agents which increase muscle mass by synthesizing protein without water retention and building muscle tissues. Although it is a safe steroid with less negative effects, it still requires to be taken with caution and care. The steroid has a low side effect rate of 20% which is far more lower than others’.


Deca as the derivative is commonly known, can be administered alone or along with another steroid. Primarily, it should be taken along with testosterone because it keeps the estrogen levels acceptably low. The Deca Durabolin dosages should not merely be taken for bulking but also for cutting and body growth. Generally, body builders and weightlifters prefer in-taking Deca during off- seasons when their main focus is on bulking and strengthening their muscles. The high doses might affect a person sexually by directly targeting his libido. An injection each week with a dose of 300- 400mg of Deca is more than sufficient for men. But it is preferable to intake the steroid orally.

All About Deca Durabolin Dosages

Competition Times

Many bodybuilders do not consider Deca as a performance enhancer but merely a bulking agent, thus do not decrease their doses. It is highly recommended to decrease the dosages that were taken during off- seasons. Regularly administering the same dose of 400 mg even after 12 weeks can cause impotency. A decrease of 100 mg will ensure that our body cools down considerably and gets some proper rest. A dose of 200-300 mg is optimum during competitions and events because heavy workouts along with equally less diet, will drain all the stored energy. Deca is a mild and slow reacting steroid and will take time to begin working on muscles.

Side Effects

The Deca dosage should be administered for a minimum of 8 weeks and maximum of 12 weeks to best and effective results. At any cost, it should not be taken for a period of more than 12 weeks, as it will begin to have negative effects on the body. The primary side effects known to body builders are erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, that is, partial or complete impotency. This chiefly happens because of the high doses of the steroid. To prevent impotency and other sexual problems like decrease in sexual activity, non- formation of sperm, increase in estrogen levels etc., one must instantaneously decrease the dosage and give his body some rest.

Deca Durabolin dosages  vary from time to time. One cannot expect to take regular strong doses and stay healthy at the same time. Steroids produce heat and a body which remains constantly on high temperatures cannot perform well. A body needs to cool down. Also, Deca aromatizes into estrogen which is harmful too. To curb the aromatization effect and side effects on sexuality of a person, Deca is taken along with testosterone. Not only it gives better results but also ensures that a man, remains a man.